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I wanted to create an audio resource to learn about search patents – the kind I would have found useful when I was studying them back in 2012. So I welcomed Bill Slawski – who has been reading and writing about search patents for almost 10 years – back to Experts to discuss more patents and SEO ranking factors.

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Show Agenda & Timestamps

  • What’s the connection or difference between co-occurring density and LSI? [2:23]
  • Query Rewriting Patents [4:42]
    • How Google May Rewrite Your Search Terms [5:19]
    • Concept of Query Rewriting [6:00]
    • Removing Substitution Rules Patent [6:49]
    • Why does Google want to be able to rewrite queries [8:23]
    • Freebase [10:00]
    • What can SEOs do to optimize for query rewrites & Context Based Search Patent [12:51]
  • Universal Search [16:19]
    • David Bailey’s patent about Universal Search [19:05]
    • Universal Search and SEO [20:13]
    • Venice Update [21:42]
    • Leveraging Universal Search or Adjusting Expectations [23:36]
  • High Quality Search Patents [25:43]
    • Search Bias Document Set [28:36]
    • Does Google Recognize when someone is an SEO [31:40]
  • Ranking Search Results Patent [33:02]
    • How to keep track of Patent continuations, how do patents relate to each other [34:46]
    • Anchor Text in the Panda Update [36:42]
      • Meta Data Versus Content On The Page [38:30]
      • Back to Anchor Text in Panda [39:28]
  • Context Vectors – RankBrain [42:06]
  • Associating Entity with Search Query (Autocomplete) [42:39]
    • Brand Search Volume [44:44]
  • Hummingbird Patent [50:47][Sponsor] [55:59] 
    • RankBrain [1:00:46]
  • Site Speed as a Ranking Signal [1:05:44]
    • Impact of the Network Connection on Loading of the Resource [1:09:43]
    • Page Speed Tips [1:10:48]
  • Bill’s Website’s Robot TXT file [1:16:26]
  • Bill’s Opinion on Blog Comments [1:19:54]
  • URL Structure [1:23:04]
  • Where to find Bill online [1:28:38]

Patent Curation on SEO By The Sea

Patent Articles Discussed (Part Two)

Other Resources & Links Mentioned

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Where To Find Bill Slawski

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