Google Showing Related Searches In Autocomplete

Competitors In Search Suggest? Ahem *autocomplete* as Google now calls it. This past weekend I was playing around with some Google searches when I saw this: I couldn’t believe what I’d just seen. Google is suggesting I search for Zappos competitors?  I of course tweeted about it with an explanation of how it came up: Woah. Never

An In Depth Comparison of Yoast SEO Vs All In One SEO

NOW UPDATED FOR 2017! PLEASE NOTE: I originally reviewed the Yoast SEO Plugin vs All In One Plugin in February of 2014. This post is being completely updated for 2017 – I have updated comparisons of all the critical feature sets, but plan on doing a little more review on their help and support. If you’re

More Google Answer Boxes (That Mostly Fall Short)

Being the hip hop production fan I am, when discovering a new track with interesting beat I’ll often look up the producer. If I don’t know that producer than I’ll look up more tracks they’ve produced and it usually leads down a great path of discovery for music/artists I’d never hear of otherwise. Typically the

How I’d Plug Up (W)hole Foods New Website

Purely In Jest… the (w) thing. How Would I Fix The New Whole Foods Website? We’ll get to that. As well as (spoiler alert!) a demo of a new tool I haven’t seen anyone talk about. Keep reading… It was 11:30pm and I was looking up organic food retailers in the New Hampshire and Maine

Google Is Testing The Removal Of The Left Side Bar

Google Testing A Much Cleaner Looking SERP UPDATE: I thought I remembered seeing this somewhere before last night – and in fact Barry from Search Engine Land had talked about the lack-of-left-sidebar briefly back in June. Although there a some differences between the June design and the one I see now (it’s still showing up). Just wanted

Getting the CEO To Care About SEO

Let’s face it. CEOs care about SEO when the importance of it is obvious to them. And this might not just be about the bottom line. It can be about how their company is seen in the public eye (ie: negative Google suggest phrases). It could be about relationships with important people like journalists and

Five SEO Minutes With WordPress –

Five Minutes With WordPress – A Quick Evaluation & Corrections to Before we get into the screencast, I’m very excited! Why? In just a few weeks I’ll be posting an in depth keyword research and competitive analysis case study on the SEOmoz blog for the site  Rick Smith who runs has been passionately blogging

Clean Sweep Yo’ WordPress Tag Archives NOW

Let’s Get Real – This Is What Your WordPress Tags Are Like Image credit They’re like that junk drawer in your kitchen. You don’t even REMEMBER what you’ve got in there! Not very useful for the USER either I’d say. And that’s on a good day…

Review Of A New SEO Browser Browseo

What The Heck Is An “SEO Browser”? I assumed, from this description, I was about to find myself downloading and installing an actual browser – one especially made to browse the web like an SEO. Nope! Rather, think of Browseo more like a virtual browser. Or a “browser within a browser”. Its a web app

Why Does Google KILL Bing With IMDB Based Results?

UPDATE – January 12, 2012 – 6:00am I’ve sent a tweet over to Duane Forrester at Bing to see if I can get some answers, I’ll keep you posted! I am also now seeing different results in Bing than just a few days ago (thanks to Bill Slawski for pointing this out)…