124: Tech SEO Tips From a Google Product Expert w/Dave Smart

Tech SEO fans this episode is a MUST listen!  Topics Include: The current state of how Google handles JavaScript Testing JavaScript Sites for SEO Dave’s favorite and least favorite JS platforms Hydrating JavaScript Caching and JS Caching APIs Fingerprinting Files What are web workers and do they index? Dave’s definition of tech SEO The strangest

123: Pain Point SEO – How To Create Content That Converts w/Araminta Robertson

If you’re struggling to generate blog traffic that actually converts – this episode is for you! My guest Araminta Robertson is managing director at Mint Studios, a content marketing agency that focuses on creating content that generates business, not just traffic.  Araminta will be speaking at Brighton SEO this Fall, she has hosted her own podcasts

122: Crawl Optimization, How Google Works, SEO Income Studies w/Jori Ford

Tech SEO fans and anyone passionate about the SEO industry, this episode is for you! My guest for this episode is Jori Ford! Jori Ford is currently Chief Marketing Officer at FoodBoss, which is a food delivery search comparison engine. Prior to that, she was Sr. Director of SEO and Content at G2 among many

121: In-House, Large Scale SEO (Migrations, Crawl Optimization & More) w/Becky Westmoreland

Tech SEO fans this episode is for you! If you are curious about what it’s like doing SEO for a site with 70M+ URLs indexed, how to handle challenging issues like migrating millions of URLs across 250,000+ distinct websites, and what it’s like doing SEO in-house for such a gigantic site you’ll definitely want to

120: SEO Ranking Factors, A/B Testing & The Evolution of Google w/Will Critchlow

What does Google core updates have to do with the now old concept of the “Google Dance”? The Google Dance was an SEO nuisance from years ago, and the core updates are a more modern challenge. The connection lies in the fact that you can’t separate the past of SEO from where we are today.

119: Jon Morrow’s Proven Formula for Growing Blog Traffic With SEO

Jon Morrow has consistently and repetitively grown the blog traffic for several sites and organizations. In the early days of CopyBlogger, he helped take them to 3.5M page views a month. He then helped KissMetrics grow from 0-130,000 visits per month. And he has grown his own site SmartBlogger to well over 140,000 monthly visits

118: How To Help Large Organizations Win at SEO w/Melanie Phung

In this episode: How to work on SEO effectively with big organizations  Working with both content and tech teams — and how to get them to actually execute Why understanding the HISTORY of a company, organization and website is important before giving recommendations  What do you do if you get push back against SEO advice?

117: Improve Your Rankings w/Internal Links, Automation for SEO & More w/JR Oakes

JR Oakes is the Senior Director of Technical SEO Research at Locomotive Agency and he has written for Search Engine Land, Search Engine Watch, spoken at SEMpdx and TechSEO Boost and is the founder of iCodeSEO. He also is an organizer with the Beer & SEO and Raleigh SEO Meetups. In this episode: How to

116: Seizing The Image Search Opportunity w/Jess Peck

In this episode: How to find image SEO opportunities Image traffic attribution How to optimize for image SEO The value of using and testing with screen readers BEYOND accessibility What is visual search and how to optimize for it Listen Now! Related Episodes You Might Like Optimizing Crawl Budget To Improve Web Traffic w/Vanessa Fox The

Google Core Updates: Stop Analyzing Them Like It’s 2013

  NOTE: This is Part One of a post I drafted back in March of 2019! My goal at the time was to shed light on what I saw were a lot of misconceptions around how people were viewing core updates. I think the entire paradigm of how we view core updates should be completely different than