Maybe one of these sounds familiar?

“We feel like we’re just not doing as well as we can be with SEO.”

“We’re drowning in a sea of SEO noise.”

“Our PPC spend is out of hand!”

“Why are our competitors beating us so badly in organic search?”

“We’ve never really put any real effort in SEO, it’s all just sort of happened on it’s own so far.”

“We don’t feel like there’s anyone on our side, to be our guide in the SEO world.”

I’ve heard those statements many times!

The answer?

SEO As A Growth Channel

An ongoing, search marketing focused partnership with a consultant that has a history of results.

My mission is to help guide your business growth – and alleviate some of that SEO-pain – with search traffic as the tool.

You might already have content creators, a great product or service, PR, paid ads – but no one’s really taken the reigns on closing those SEO opportunity gaps.

If not – this is a huge opportunity to provide a very specific and essential piece of the puzzle, which is advanced technical SEO support, keyword and content strategy, better site architecture design and careful tracking and reporting on your goals.

That’s what I did for one client. They said “we’re” blogging, but traffic is not growing. We only get 500 visits per month.

After working with the client, their organic blog traffic did this:

Common service options included in Full-Service SEO work:

  • Full Technical Site Audits
  • SEO Tools, Tracking & Reporting Setup and Maintenance
  • SEO Driven Content Planning
  • Content Audits
  • Keyword Research
  • SEO Training
  • YouTube SEO
  • And more!

What types of businesses do you work with?

Currently, I’ll accept clients in a whole variety of industries – B2B, B2C, eCommerce, SaaS, Startups. Generally, our clients are companies 10-200+ people in size, with an internal marketing and/or content department and their own development resources.

We typically do NOT work with very small businesses (less than 5 people) unless you are in a high traffic / high ROI industry, but are happy to refer you to highly trusted colleagues who may be able to help. We also do not do any local SEO (ie: if you primarily want to rank in Google for location-specific searches) — thanks for understanding! These parameters allow us to focus on only the specific SEO services we are best at!

Want to learn more?

Get in touch directly with Dan to learn more about SEO for Growth and if Evolving SEO is a good match for your company:


Get in Touch!


You’ll feel like you’re working at a personal level, because, well there’s only a few of us here! You’ll get direct attention. And likewise, we’re very transparent with our deliverables.

Deliverables for work can come in the form of Google Docs (Word Docs and Spreadsheets) which are all shared with you at all times with full access – so you can take a peek into the work and see what’s going on at all time.

We report in a variety of ways – with Analytics, Moz reports, Google Spreadsheets and a variety of other professional tools.


Our “full service” SEO Consulting projects for new clients is on average $5,000 per month for 2-3 months. After that, if you continue needing SEO help beyond our initial project, the price reduces to about $4,000 per month.

Note: I will provide exact estimates and an SOW for your project so you know all the details before starting anything. If full-service SEO is something you are seriously considering contact me to set up a phone call so I can gather details and help determine your best options.

Costs above are the most common price points – any number of variables can affect the cost in either direction.

Project Vs. Ongoing?

You may only need SEO support for a project such as a site redesign, site migration, content cleanup, keyword research, etc – this is ok! We can provide SEO as a one time project and will quote you a flat rate based upon your needs.

On an ongoing basis, we are continuously refining the strategy and executing on the opportunities found to increase your business via organic search.

In other words – ongoing work is usually metrics and goals driven – while projects are task and problem solving driven.