Hi! Here’s the quick reader’s digest version of Full-Service SEO Consulting:

  • All Full-Service SEO projects for brand new clients of mine are a recommended length of 3 months.
  • It includes weekly 1-hour calls with me (which are all recorded and provided to you as a resource).
  • The cost on average is $5,500 per month for these first 3 months. You will receive a full scope of work and an exact pricing quote before deciding to use my services.
  • Full service consulting always includes a standard set of SEO work and deliverables, plus custom items based on your exact needs.

Types Of Businesses and Sites I Can Help

In my 12+ years of SEO, I have worked at an in-depth level with dozens of sites across many types of businesses and sites:

  • eCommerce
    • B2B, B2C, Small to Enterprise
  • Publishers & Content Driven Sites
  • B2B Services
  • User-Generated Content Sites & Directory/Listing Style
  • Ratings, Ranking, and Reviews Sites
  • Technology Companies
  • SaaS and Software Companies
  • DTC Products and Subscriptions

Both B2B and B2C are a fit for my services and experience.

Generally, our clients are companies that have their own marketing, content, copywriting and development resources (whether in-house or outsourced).

We typically do NOT work with very small businesses (less than 5 people) unless you are in a high traffic / high ROI industry, but are happy to refer you to highly trusted colleagues who may be able to help.

We also do not do any local SEO as the primary service and focus (ie: if you primarily want to rank in Google for location-specific searches) — however, if you are a national/global business with local components, that is something I can usually help with.

These parameters allow us to focus on only the specific SEO services we are best at!

Standard Full-Service SEO Deliverables

In general no matter what sort of SEO project I would be helping with, it will include a standard set of SEO deliverables, including:

  • A full technical site audit with a detailed and prioritized list of action items focused on your specific business, site, and marketing goals.
  • SEO Tools and Metrics Setup – I essentially act as your ‘outsourced SEO department’ in the sense that I help set up and maintain important SEO tools and tracking for the duration of work.
  • Keyword Research, Content Planning, On-Page Optimization – I lump these into one concept of a deliverable since every site needs some sort of work on keywords, topics, and page (or page-template) level optimization.
  • Full Content Audit – unless you’re a very tiny site or have recently done a content audit, I provide these as a key component to improving the health of your site.

Sometimes even those exact deliverables may not be needed or may be modified depending on your exact situation, but that’s something I can help you define and we can work together to ensure you get the most appropriate, needed, and effective SEO consulting.

Additional SEO Services and Deliverables

You may be wondering what other support I can provide, or if there is a specific need I can help fill. Here’s a list of other services and deliverables I have helped many organizations with:

  • Penalty and traffic recovery – analysis, recovery planning, and strategy
  • Google News Optimization
  • Migration, rebrand, redesign SEO support
  • YouTube SEO
  • Google Discover Strategy and Optimization
  • Creation of a Full SEO Content Calendar
  • Content update recommendations and planning
  • Example content outlines and/or content briefs
  • Guidance on new Google ‘stuff’ like Core Web Vitals, Google Web Stories or algo issues like Core Updates
  • International SEO

“What Do You Do?”

I get asked this a lot!

I am not the person actually writing content, making website changes, writing title tags, etc – (however I will sometimes create examples or template ideas of things like titles, descriptions, etc so companies can then use internal resources to roll them out at scale). That said, I do have many years of actual experience doing those things which means I do understand them at an intimate level and better help your team.

What I do at its essence is act as a true consultant – providing analysis, strategy, planning, guidance, even leadership when needed, elements of project management, SEO training, and education.

Concrete Things I Do!

  • Create Full SEO Topic Calendars
  • Create Detailed and Prioritized Action Item Lists for Site Improvements
  • Create Example Content Outlines and/or Content Briefs
  • Create Example Titles, Descriptions, and other standard SEO elements
  • Full Setup and Maintenance of SEO Tools – most especially rank trackers and crawling/technical monitoring.
  • Create customized SEO process documentation, checklists, and resource documentation – providing a huge ROI to organizations in terms of leveling up their SEO “Maturity”.
  • Deliver consulting over recorded Zoom meetings and provide companies with the links to all consulting sessions with agenda notes for easy past review.

The companies I help best usually already have people creating content, making site updates, making design/UX decisions, leveraging off-site marketing, etc. I can help ensure you are doing those things in a way the gest the full SEO benefit.

Education & Training

All services above come with a strong training element. I don’t just deliver work and walk away without explanation.

I’m happy to just give a company a list of action items – but I also provide training and education especially when people internal to a company are interested.

For instance – when I deliver a content plan, I don’t just give you a list of topics – I walk through exactly how and why those topics were chosen and how you can be more empowered to find your own topics in the future.

Proven and Repeatable Results

I recently counted and can point to over thirty-five instances of which I helped a company grow traffic site-wide at scale, or achieved really good results with a focused project on a few pieces of content. (Here are a few examples)

That’s what I did for this one client.

They said “we’re blogging, but traffic is not growing. We’ve been publishing for years but traffic is stuck at 500 visits a month.”

After working with the client (by providing better topic choices, education for their writers, and content optimization), their organic blog traffic increased 20x in just 6 months:

That’s just one of the dozens of examples of helping companies grow and achieve SEO success. And yes that example happens to be from 2016 – but I have many examples of doing this repetitively going back to 2012 up to now! (it’s February 2021 as a write this).

Pricing Details

My “full service” SEO Consulting for new clients is on average $5,500 per month for a recommended 3 months. After that, if you continue needing SEO help beyond our initial project, the price reduces to about $3,750-$4,500 per month.

Note: I will provide exact estimates and an SOW for your project so you know all the details before starting anything.

If full-service SEO is something you are seriously considering contact me to set up a phone call so I can gather details and help determine your best options.

The costs above are the most common price points – please note, any number of variables can affect the cost in either direction!

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