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Will Critchlow is the CEO of SearchPilot, an SEO A/B testing company. I invited Will back to Experts on the Wire to discuss the Future of SEO. I feel like things have felt very turbulent and uncertain in the SEO world lately (more than usual!) – because of things like AI/Chat-GPT, changes in how the community engages online, GA4, massive SERP changes from Google, and changes in the economy and world at large post-covid.

I’ve always known Will for having a great perspective on the future of our industry so I wanted to get his take on what the future of SEO holds. Is THIS finally the inflection moment where ‘SEO is dead’? How does he see the next 5-10 years playing out? If it’s not dying, how will it look different? What should SEOs and businesses be doing to future-proof their marketing? How do we all navigate these big changes?

Topics In This Episode Include:

  • How is AI affecting informational queries?
  • What the ancient steel and iron industry has to do with content
  • Is it worth still investing in content marketing?
  • How is the eCommerce SEO space changing? Is eCommerce and spending online down or is it growing?
  • Challenges for new people entering the SEO space
  • And lots more…

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