Why I Will Never Automate Social Media

What do you think a public speaker cares more about? How many people are in the room, or how many of those people seemed engaged in what they are saying? I don’t think anyone would disagree that engagement is the ultimate goal. When someone is engaged, they become involved. A switch in their psychology is turned on. Another

Metrics Are What You Get From Content, Not Why You Create It

7 REAL Reasons For Content. And A Free Cheat Sheet! This post isn’t going to tell you that content is for surface level vanity metrics like links, shares or traffic. You hear that all the time, now that “content marketing” is the new link building. But it’s being framed wrong. And if you let it,

Your Site Needs Proprietary Keywords: Introducing Propwords

The Story Of An Exact Match Domain, Penguin and Anchor Text In January of 2013, I was hired to do a quick review of a site that had been suffering badly from Penguin 1. I won’t disclose the site here. But it was a one word exact match domain (this word receives 60,500 searches a

Reply to The Big Picture Conversation

This post is a response to Rand’s post “The Big Picture Conversation” Full disclosure: I just started reading Good To Great a few days ago while stuck in the Chicago airport. It immediately made me recognize some changes that need to be made. I had the thought to put these into motion (in a post) before

Marketing For Startups Presentation at Distilled NYC

Had the huge pleasure of giving my first official SEO presentation yesterday! Was a great honor to be asked by Distilled NYC to join them at ZocDoc headquarters. Here’s the videos (slides below!)

The Underappreciated Art Of Empathy

As usual, It Starts With An Innocent Tweet Answering questions of clients & people in Q&A is often more about showing understanding first before giving a technical answer. — Dan Shure (@dan_shure) June 20, 2012 Working so much with clients and in the Moz Q&A lately, I’d really gotten to thinking just how important this

The Wall

 What’s “The Wall”? I got that term “The Wall” from Wil Reynolds (see his tweet). He said; I often “hit the wall” & realize I can’t do it all – instead of feeling helpless I start planning & prioritizing. We had talked about this in person as well recently; the challenges you face when trying

Its Not About the SEO

For me, its NOT about the SEO You know what’s amazing?  Discovering and Implementing on the low-hanging-fruit. I can change a few title tags, rewrite a few URLs, move around some pages. This could rank someone higher, bring more traffic, bring more business, put more well earning money in their pocket and put food on

7 Benefits and SEO Tactics for Vosges Haut-Chocolat

About Vosges Haut-Chocolat Vosges Haut-Chocolat is a niche gourmet chocolate company, selling exotic and unique chocolate products via their online store, retail stores (like Whole Foods) and several boutique chocolate shops in the United States. Their most popular and notable product is by far Mo’s Milk Chocolate Bacon Bar. Bacon and chocolate? One huge YES!  You simply

Interview with Matthew Egan of Image Freedom

Few weeks ago I cam across Matthew Egan and his SEO company Image Freedom on Twitter. Image Freedom is a 6 person SEO team from San Antonio, Texas. Matt and Image Freedom definitely raise the bar as it goes for the perception of the SEO industry. With an emphasis on ROI, results-driven SEO I knew