My SEO Jumpstart Service is a unique One Day SEO Project packed with value at an affordable price of $2,950.

How It Works

  1. Sign up by emailing me (dan at evolvingseo).
  2. We’ll quickly discuss your SEO challenges and goals.
  3. We’ll schedule a day/time for your Jumpstart and collect a 50% deposit
  4. On your ‘day’ I’ll be hard at work on your project!
  5. We’ll have a packed 1-hour call with live video (which you may record) where I reveal my recommendations for you.
  6. You’ll get the full notes, links, resources, and recommendations list from your call.
  7. If you love the service and want more – we can discuss in a follow up (but signups are limited to 1-hour max to start).

Common reasons to SEO Jumpstart!

This is a unique SEO service you won’t find many other places. Most people who have done SEO for 10+ years grow an agency and don’t work directly with clients anymore. Or, they require high monthly retainers in order to work with them at all.

My service is different … because I’m different … and add value in my own way.

This is an SEO service that’s not a giant retainer or huge project commitment. Nor is it just hourly consulting without any ‘work’ prior to the consulting call.

Great for you IF:

  • You’ve never done SEO, and want to start off on the right foot, with a lightweight, no-commitment project.
  • You HAVE done some SEO, but are ‘stuck’ on a certain problem – or need a second eye on things.
  • You want to be given low hanging fruit opportunity areas to execute (ie: “tell me what to do!”)
  • You’re creating content, but need a Jumpstart on topics and direction with high opportunity for traffic tied to your business goals.
  • You want to try SEO without a huge commitment.
  • You’re working in-house and need some extra support.
  • You have clients of your own and need extra support.

A Jumpstart! is great for all types of sites, in all industries, for organizations of all sizes, or even self-run sites.

What You Get! – Full List

  • My day of dedicated, focused time working on your site.
  • A 1-hour phone call with live screen share (which you are free to record) with your personalized recommendations and SEO training from me.
  • Document of all notes, links, resources and recommendations mentioned.

SEO Areas I Can Help With

Most Jumpstarts! cover a high-level technical review, general SEO strategy, and blog/content recommendations.

But if you have specific issues you’d like addressed – consider me your personal swiss army knife SEO weapon – depending on the scope, a Jumpstart! can help guide your SEO in a wide variety of areas:

  • Technical Auditing
  • Keyword Research & Analysis
  • Content Calendar Creation
  • SEO Strategies
  • Site Architecture
  • Personal one on one training
  • SEO Tools Training

Have Questions? Want to get started?

Reach out to me to find out more about Jumpstart! projects and if they are right for you!

Get in Touch!

What People Are Saying

“When it comes to any question about SEO my first go to is Dan Shure. I am not kidding, this is not some BS “me too” testimonial. There is nobody else I trust as much as Dan. 

The guy is a walking encyclopedia of anything related to SEO strategies, issues, problems and how to solve them. Whether it’s target keyword analysis or figuring out why I’m not ranking for something I’ve been working on for three months, or technical SEO questions Dan is the guy I go to.

No BS. You can email me and ask me, I’m for real. Dan has interviewed and befriended everyone and anyone who is remarkable at SEO and is insanely knowledgeable at all areas concerning ranking your content, whether it’s Google or iTunes or YouTube.”

Dmitry Dragilev, PR & Growth Expert

 “Just wanted to say thanks so much for the session last week, really enjoyed it, very actionable stuff and was well worth it!”

– Lesley Heizman, Marketing at Brute Strength Training

“I credit the evolutionary success of our re-brand to Dan Shure of Evolving SEO”.

Jon Morrow, Owner of SmartBlogger

Video Samples

NOTE: I’ll be adding more videos in the near future of actual live consultations. For now, here is the audio+slides of SEO tips I gave to Noah Kagan of AppSumo and for his blog, OkDork:

For now, here is the audio+slides of SEO tips I gave to Noah Kagan of AppSumo and for his blog, OkDork: