How To Access Organic Twitter Analytics (For anyone, for free)

Just yesterday I published “Predicting Content Success With Twitter Analytics“. And then wondered why not many seemed to find this as exciting as me. Then I realized. Folks are still confused about how to even get Organic Twitter Analytics. I’m not surprised. I just spent the last 45 minutes trying to activate it for another Twitter account

When It Comes To Instagram, Your Analytics Is Lying

Success Is A Result Of Decisions And if you think 80/20 like me, very few choices lead to the majority of results. This post is about Instagram, but it’s also about making choices. Why DO we make the decisions we make? The psychology is mysterious. Yet as online marketers, our success … and our jobs depend

What 80/20 REALLY Is & Applying It to SEO

  I’ve seen the 80/20 Rule mentioned in passing a bunch of times lately in the SEO world, but it’s not quite being used in the fashion it was originally intended (and later explained in the book The 80/20 Principle). The latest mention of this came from John Doherty’s excellent interview of Leo from Buffer

Whoops, Where’d My Traffic Go?

Rankings=Traffic: A False Dichotomy So many SEO conversations are centered on what I find to be a ranking-traffic dichotomy. The conversation usually goes like this: “Oh no, I lost traffic, what do I do?!” “Your rankings must have dropped, check your rankings!” “Did we get a penalty?” “Umm… Did Joe remove the 1,000 words of