What’s one of the biggest SEO mistakes I see companies make?

They fail to integrate it into an everyday part of their company.

We can fix that.

Dan (that’s me) has a unique background in SEO (8 years), teaching (over 15 years) and the performing arts (longer than you want to know) which makes his training sessions and seminars super educational, actionable and even fun.

Some situations in which training may be a smart idea;

  • You want a high level, inspirational, “this is why/how” you do SEO presentation, that will motivate and get people excited about incorporating SEO into the fabric of your organization. This is great if you’re trying to get more people in your company or organization on board to the idea of SEO.
  • You’re looking to get your in-house staff more educated in SEO, so they can then implement it on a more consistent and high quality level. This can include people from virtually any department (since SEO is everywhere really) from your in-house SEO’s, content creators, marketing department, technical/IT staff, C-level … even the janitor! Ok, maybe not the janitor.
  • You want people in your staff to learn how to use specific tools more effectively, such as Google Keyword Planner, Google Analytics, Screaming Frog SEO Spider, Moz Analytics etc
  • Maybe you’re a web design / development shop or even an SEO agency looking to train your staff in how to actually offer SEO services as something you can package and sell. We can help you with this too!

Whatever the needs and situation, we’ll work with just a few people up to presentations for your entire company. Dan (that’s me again) can travel to your company’s location, or if possible it can be held at the Evolving SEO office in Worcester, MA (we can hold up to about 8 people comfortably).

Recent Courses Taught

I just finished up a four week eight session SEO course for ConversionXL live. It was tons of fun! And received some great praise too:

Training & Seminars vs Speaking?

What separates a seminar from just speaking? Great question! A seminar will involve specific prep time and material within the seminar designed for application directly for your company or organization. In other words: it’s like ordering it custom.

Speaking is simply a presentation not designed for a specific company or organization – and is more likely some sort of public event (free or paid) that anyone from any company can attend. Although Dan never actually gives the same exact speaking presentation twice, it’s not customized for your company.

Learn more about Dan’s speaking here