What’s one of the biggest SEO mistakes I see companies make?

They fail to integrate SEO into an everyday part of their company.

I can help fix that!

My unique background in SEO (12 years), teaching (over 15 years), and the performing arts means I can deliver educational, informative, fun, and highly beneficial SEO training sessions to your company.

Some situations in which SEO training can help;

  • To help get SEO Buy-In – You want a high level, inspirational, “this is why/how” you do SEO presentation, that will motivate and get people excited about incorporating SEO into the fabric of your organization. This is great if you’re trying to get more people in your company or organization on board with the idea of SEO.
  • To Incorporate Better SEO Into Existing Initiatives – You’re looking to get your in-house staff more educated in SEO, so they can then implement it on a more consistent and high-quality level. This can include people from virtually any department (since SEO is everywhere really) from your in-house SEO’s, content creators, marketing department, technical/IT staff, C-level … even the janitor! Ok, maybe not the janitor.
  • To Make Better Use of SEO Tools – You want people in your staff to learn how to use specific SEO tools more effectively – maybe you’re already paying for them but not getting the full value from them.
  • To Learn How To Actually Sell/Do SEO For Others – Maybe you’re a web design / development shop or even an SEO agency looking to train your staff in how to actually offer SEO services as something you can package and sell. I’ve trained several companies on how to offer their own SEO services.

Some Past Course Topics Have Included:

  • How SEO Works (Ranking Factors, Google Guidelines, SEO Myths & more)
  • How to Perform Keyword Research
  • SEO for Writers, Editors, and Publishers
  • How to Create an SEO Informed Content Calendar
  • Tool Training Sessions for popular SEO Tools such as
    • SEMrush
    • Screaming Frog SEO Spider,
    • Google Search Console & Google Analytics (as it relates to SEO)
    • Keywords Everywhere
    • And most of the other popular SEO tools.
  • YouTube SEO and YouTube Growth

I have trained many types of organizations such as Harvard Business Review, GBH (Boston’s NPR and PBS), ButcherBox, eCommerce sites, SaaS companies, and many many more.


My 100% unique training sessions designed and delivered specifically for your company start at $2,500 for a 90-120 minute session.

Remember, when your team incorporates better SEO practices into their everyday activities that add up to a lot of ROI in aggregate!

If you’re interested please feel free to email me dan@evolvingseo.com and I can help design the perfect session for your company and provide an exact estimate.

Past Courses Taught

In 2017 I planned and taught a four-week eight-session SEO course for ConversionXL live. It was tons of fun! And received some great praise too:

Then in 2019 CXL flew me to their headquarters in Austin TX to create and film another 4 hour course on How To Build An SEO Content Calendar.