hitting reset

  Pic by me – Chicago, July 2016 Last month I hit the lowest of lows I’ve yet to experience in business. But I’ll come back to that. I should probably take you to what led to this. And I should tell you this story does end on a positive. But fair warning – it goes

061: Podcasting Year In Review (Download Stats Revealed & Lessons Learned)

This post is a companion post to the actual audio episode. (There’s little to no overlap in content!) Here’s what you’ll find by listening! How we find and choose guests Our top to bottom production process Podcasting metrics, goals and KPIs What makes a good podcast Podcast promotion strategies Incorporating storytelling into an educational/actionable oriented show

Why I Won’t Guest Post For Leads

The problem I personally have with “trying” to write for “leads” or business results is it falls out of my true nature, out of my character and out of my comfort zone. It violates the very core of who I am. I never blogged, or wrote, or spoke to get business. But it did. I

We’re Hiring

Friends, What a journey the SEO industry has been so far! I’m going to keep this pretty short (believe me, it could be MUCH longer). But here’s a quick recap of the last 3-4 years; 2010-2011 – I decided to “step out” into the world of SEO after doing it on my own in relative obscurity.

My Top Four WORST Moments Of 2013

Everyone’s writing top lists for 2013. And I certainly don’t blame them, it’s the natural thing to do. I love to celebrate success and look at what worked. But I find there’s a heck of a lot more to learn from what didn’t work. And more than that, it builds emotional and psychological strength to

Metrics Are What You Get From Content, Not Why You Create It

7 REAL Reasons For Content. And A Free Cheat Sheet! This post isn’t going to tell you that content is for surface level vanity metrics like links, shares or traffic. You hear that all the time, now that “content marketing” is the new link building. But it’s being framed wrong. And if you let it,

I Hated Worcester. So We’re Moving The Biz There.

UPDATE: May 2018  Yes, now FIVE years since writing this, I am still working in Worcester and Worcester has come a long way, and still growing further! I wanted to share this article which does a fantastic job of summing up all the new developments in Worcester in the last few years: https://www.masslive.com/expo/erry-2018/05/d43a63efd4/worcesters_renaissance_50_ways.html UPDATE: January 6th,

47 Clients, 217 Moz Questions. Pain, Progress. A Candid Reflection On 2012

Five Reasons This Post Exists 1. To Publicly Evaluate The Business – As months go by, memory blurs, details are forgotten, progress can seem stagnant – in essence, this serves as a way to collect and preserve the important aspects from the last year in Evolving SEO. And more importantly, to take a giant step back and evaluate Evolving

Reply to The Big Picture Conversation

This post is a response to Rand’s post “The Big Picture Conversation” Full disclosure: I just started reading Good To Great a few days ago while stuck in the Chicago airport. It immediately made me recognize some changes that need to be made. I had the thought to put these into motion (in a post) before

Marketing For Startups Presentation at Distilled NYC

Had the huge pleasure of giving my first official SEO presentation yesterday! Was a great honor to be asked by Distilled NYC to join them at ZocDoc headquarters. Here’s the videos (slides below!)