Google Core Updates: Stop Analyzing Them Like It’s 2013

  NOTE: This is Part One of a post I drafted back in March of 2019! My goal at the time was to shed light on what I saw were a lot of misconceptions around how people were viewing core updates. I think the entire paradigm of how we view core updates should be completely different than

PR Formalities, Helping Or Actually Hurting?

I was very sad to just receive an email from the PR company of a brand I really wanted to feature on my Podcast. You see, I had actually emailed a specific person at this company, only to have the PR company respond. Totally didn’t get it. It’s frustrating because this was actually my least “marketing-tactic” oriented

We’re Hiring

Friends, What a journey the SEO industry has been so far! I’m going to keep this pretty short (believe me, it could be MUCH longer). But here’s a quick recap of the last 3-4 years; 2010-2011 – I decided to “step out” into the world of SEO after doing it on my own in relative obscurity.

More Google Answer Boxes (That Mostly Fall Short)

Being the hip hop production fan I am, when discovering a new track with interesting beat I’ll often look up the producer. If I don’t know that producer than I’ll look up more tracks they’ve produced and it usually leads down a great path of discovery for music/artists I’d never hear of otherwise. Typically the

I Hated Worcester. So We’re Moving The Biz There.

UPDATE: May 2018  Yes, now FIVE years since writing this, I am still working in Worcester and Worcester has come a long way, and still growing further! I wanted to share this article which does a fantastic job of summing up all the new developments in Worcester in the last few years: UPDATE: January 6th,

Breaking Story Fake Matt Cutts Exposed

So… I know who the fake Cutts is And, you know, this puts us in a little dilemma. Should I tell? Its really been fun reading gems like this; A true poetic gem. Or this; But… fake Cutts. We’re SEOs. We solve puzzles on the internet all day. I guess this time was coming. Hopefully we

Interview with Matthew Egan of Image Freedom

Few weeks ago I cam across Matthew Egan and his SEO company Image Freedom on Twitter. Image Freedom is a 6 person SEO team from San Antonio, Texas. Matt and Image Freedom definitely raise the bar as it goes for the perception of the SEO industry. With an emphasis on ROI, results-driven SEO I knew

Interview With John Doherty of Distilled

About a week ago I had the pleasure of interviewing John Doherty of Distilled. The night I hung out with a bunch of SEOs in New York, I never actually got to chat with him, so I called him up and recorded it. He told me all about his background, working for Distilled, some tools

Affiliate Summit East, SEO, Waffle Fries

Dear Friends This following is a bit of a memoir, a bit of an explanatory excursion, a tiny bit helpful but certainly not at all actionable or useful in anyway. Just a bit of an elaborative introduction, from me to you. Juicy content filled posts about SEO coming soon though, promise. But for now… After doing