Below you’ll find just a few examples out of the numerous successes I’ve helped clients achieve over the last 12+ years. I use my proven strategies, processess, and smart/practical approach to SEO to consistently help clients achieve results.

eCommerce Site – 427% Growth in New Users

growth to ecommerce website

I was contacted by this eCommerce company in late 2018. They had previously been hit with Google penalties and were really struggling with traffic and revenue.

Fast forward 2 years later (they started with a standard 3-month full-service project, and have used my ongoing monthly consulting since then)…

…and they have seen a massive 427% increase in non-branded traffic.

Some examples of how I helped guide them towards this growth:

  • Established a very thought out a content calendar of informational topics to grow blog traffic, increase the authority of their site, and get traffic momentum moving in the right direction.
  • Identified, prioritized, and guided them towards fixing dozens of technical, design, UX, and site architecture issues.
  • Helped them restructure product and category pages.
  • Align transactional, mid-funnel, and top-funnel content more appropriately across the site

They have been using my Full-Service SEO Consulting (first as a 3-month project, then shifting to ongoing consulting), and process-wise here’s how some examples of how that works to get results:

  • Weekly (Recorded) Zoom Calls! – I require all Full-Service clients to meet with me weekly. This has been one of the single most important ingredients for all successful clients.
  • Real-time, holistic strategy balanced with tried and true SEO – this means that I help guide clients by intelligently reacting to their industry, new opportunities, Google updates – while at the same time maintaining a solid foundation of tried and true SEO best practices and initiatives.
  • We update existing content – a lot. I continuously review, analyze and help them make improvements to existing content. This results in a lot of their success and growth.

Google Discover Optimization – 1.4M Visits

In addition to traditional SEO, I also helped the eCommerce site from above grow enormous traffic via Google Discover.

In June 2020 I noticed they started to get some visibility in Google Discover, so we worked on a plan and some strategies to get even more traffic.

From which they have received an additional 1.39M visits from Google Discover – that’s in addition to their regular SEO traffic from Google.com

This case study points to a way in which, when I am helping a client, if I spot a new exciting opportunity I’m unafraid to focus some effort there, even if it’s a new channel without an exact formula. As you can see, that sometimes really pays off.

Some of this traffic has led to direct or assited conversions – and the rest of it has really helped accelerate growth in the brand which has helped propel them ahead of competitors in regular search.

18,000+ Visits To a Single Piece Of Content for Harvard Business Publishing

Throughout a lot of 2019 and 2020, I had the opportunity to work on a few projects with Harvard Business Publishing (I have also consulted for Harvard Business Review).

Many of my projects with Harvard Business Publishing were purely technical, but one project was to convince, lead and guide their content team towards creating a single piece of content as a proof of concept for how SEO and Content can work together to grow traffic.

These were the results in terms of traffic:

But the project was a success in several other ways, which serve as examples of how I can help organizations with SEO. It’s about traffic, but it’s also often about other internal challenges:

  • Leading up to the actual content creation, I had to help earn the approval and buy-in from the content team to even try this project. Explaining how SEO is really just content for a “search audience” (people!) was very helpful in doing so.
  • Once we got buy-in then there were challenges in actually creating the content in a way they felt editorially confident about, but would also satisfy the searcher and thus rank to drive traffic. Using a collaborative approach we worked together to come to a content format that satisfied both editorial and SEO.
  • Throughout the project, I also provided a lot of SEO education to the content team – with in person (pre-covid) and virtual sessions. We covered how to use tools, concepts of being ‘topically complete’ with content, and how the content structure is so important for SEO.

The above mini-project is a true testament to not only the power of driving traffic via SEO but also how the content teams and SEO teams can be friends and collaborate to get results. And now the organization has a proof of concept to help earn greater buy-in for future search content.

Guides On an Insurance Site – 184,000+ Visits in 16 Months

In the winter of 2018, a brand new insurance company focusing on some niche markets hired me for Full-Service SEO for 3 months (with a few Jumpstart check-ins since then)

During this project, I helped with a whole variety of things, from technical SEO to establishing keywords and benchmarks.

But one project entailed planning a full-fledged Guides section of evergreen content specifically targeting topics that would generate high-quality traffic for them.

While I don’t have all the data, even three years later, this content has earned them over 184,000+ visits in the last 16 months:

Luckily, this was an ideal situation where the client actually followed many of my recommendations – which is why despite still only having a low domain authority of 23, they are able to rank and drive traffic.

I like to share examples like this too – because this is your typical ‘boring’ industry in which many companies struggle to come up with content plans that provide high quality and interesting content to their users.

57,000+ Visits to a Single Piece of Content in 1 Year

I like to share these successes from 1 piece of content because it is a very concrete, and unarguable way in which I have helped companies grow traffic.

Essentially I ideated the exact topic (via keyword research), helped plot out the content structure, and worked with the writer every step of the way to ensure the content was search friendly.

(Now – just repeat that process across multiple pieces of content – and you have real meaningful growth).

The above company had hired me for Full-Service SEO and as one small component of that larger project, it involved helping to plan content for search.

This company is in the business, investing sector and I found a perfect topic which servered their audience, their missions, business goals AND brought in a massive amount of search traffic.

90,000+ New Visits and $44,900 in Revenue From Evergreen Site Content

A client in the health industry lacked a “core” set of evergreen, informative content. My aim was to help make them the leader for this content space while driving organic traffic and revenue.

(Note that, this was only one small component of their overall growth – this case study is simply highlighting this particular initiative.)

I spent a few months researching and designing an architecture (page layout) for such a section on their website. I consulted with the client and their writers on the creation of the content for this section – making sure it served their users while helping to fulfill their business goals.

In about a 17 month time period just after launch, here’s how this section has performed for our client:

  • 98,000 unique visits
    • 80,000 unique visits from Google
  • $44,900 in extra revenue (as measured by goal values)
    • $36,000 of this from Google traffic

Here’s a screenshot of their Google traffic growth – which continued to grow over the years as we made refinements and updates, but also grew long after I was no longer helping this company.

Click to enlarge

It is an older case study indeed, but an early testament to the power of how I bring forth a strategic approach to clients – in addition to well thought out evergreen informational content – and a blueprint for SEO success I have used repetitively ever since.

Doubled Organic Traffic And Leads In 6 Months

This is honestly a very old case at this point. I added it years ago to the site – but I decided to leave it up to show a long term history of helping clients grow traffic.

We started with this client in the B2B space in the Spring of 2014. By around September, they were showing significant gains in organic traffic:

Click to enlarge

Their lead generation also doubled in this time period as well, and as of writing this their traffic still appears to be showing good growth.

Some of the things we did in this time were:

  • A full technical site audit
  • Site architecture improvements
  • Keyword targeting improvements, including the creation of new pages
  • Content development
  • Content promotion

So yes this is from 2014, and although SEO does change a lot, many elements of it remain the same – such as just really good topic identification and content creation – which is what played a big role in this site’s success and continues to help companies I work with to this day.