Case Study #1 – SEO Architecture Design & Content Consultation

A client in the health industry lacked a “core” set of evergreen, informative content. My aim was to help make them the leader for this content space, while driving organic traffic and revenue.

(Note that, this was only one small component of their overall growth – this case study is simply highlighting this particular initiative.)

We spent a few months researching, and design an architecture for such a section on their website. We consulted with the client and their writers on the creation of the content for this section – making sure it served their users, while helping to fulfill their business goals.

Since launch (about 17 months ago) here’s how this section has performed for our client:

  • 98,000 unique visits
    • 80,000 unique visits from Google
  • $44,900 in extra revenue (as measured by goal values)
    • $36,000 of this from Google traffic

Here’s a screenshot of their Google traffic growth in the last 17 months – which continues to grow as we constantly refine and improve the content:

Click to enlarge

Case Study #2 – Doubled Organic Traffic And Leads In 6 Months

We started with a client in the B2B space in Spring of 2014. By around September it was evident their organic traffic was increasing a lot:

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Their lead generation also doubled in this time period as well, and as of writing this their traffic still appears to be showing good growth.

Some of the things we did in this time were:

  • A full technical site audit
  • Site architecture improvements
  • Keyword targeting improvements, including creation of new pages
  • Content development
  • Content promotion