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Back in 2012, I was trying to take my SEO to the next level. I had learned all of the standard stuff – titles, content, I had a pretty solid grasp on technical SEO. But felt like there was MUCH more to know.

That’s when I discovered SEO By The Sea – a blog that dissects, distills and analyzes search engine patents – and talk about how they may relate to the work we do as SEOs.

Because of this blog, I didn’t have to struggle through all the jargon and legalese of the patent world. I didn’t even HAVE to figure out what patents to start with – because just finding the patents is a task in itself!

So I read through all the posts I could AND did spend time reading though and especially looking at the diagrams.

And you know what?

There were 2 reasons knowing a bit about the patents really helps with my SEO work:

  1. I have a MUCH deeper understanding of how search engines (and rankings) may work – which helps immensely when trying to diagnose ranking issues, come up with content strategies…
  2. But two – I can actually sound intelligent when talking with clients! It builds trust and confidence when I can reference a patent in response to a question they may have.

So the heart of this week’s episode is this:

If I could boil being an SEO down to ONE thing – it would be seeking to understand as much as possible about how search engines work – and further, the interaction of search engines, and humans.

That’s why I wanted to invite the writer at SEO By The Sea, Bill Slawski, on the show. To create an AUDIO reference for anyone wanting to learn about the most important patents.



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Show Agenda & Timestamps

  • Guest Welcome and Background [2:28]
    • Similarities between Law and SEO [2:58]
    • Background [3:53]
  • Writing / Patents Setup [7:54]
  • If a Patent exists is it being used? [12:01]
  • PageRank Patent [14:11]
    • Do Links still matter and how to think about links in context to SEO [21:50]
  • Historical Data Patent [25:58]
    • Fresh versus Stale Content [28:47]
  • Reasonable Surfer Patent [32:56]
    • Weebly Subdomain [35:30]
  • Rank Modifying Spammer’s Patent [37:30]
  • Hubs and Authorities [44:11]
  • Reachability [50:20]
  • Phrase Based Indexing [56:46]
    • Keyword Density Spam Detection [1:01:56]
  • Episode 2 Teaser [1:04:15]
  • N-Gram [1:04:32]
  • Google Being Less Punitive With Links? Google Punitive Algorithms [1:07:15]
  • Who will be the new face of the SEO industry? [1:14:11]
  • Where To Find Bill Online [1:16:47]

Patent Curation on SEO By The Sea

Patents Discussed (Part One)

Exact Patent Links Coming Soon! (They are all linked from Bill’s posts as well).

Other Resources & Links Mentioned

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    Hi! Do you have a transcription of this AUDIO? I would appreciate it if you could share it. Regards!

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