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Kristine Schachinger is an SEO Consultant, specializing in Technical SEO, SEO Website Audits, Growth Strategies, Google Penalty Recovery, Accessibility, Usability, LLMs, & Social Media. She has been an SEO for over 15 years and helped sites like Instacart, Vice, Zappos, and many more.

Topics In This Episode Include:

  • Why AI vs Human Content Comparison Studies are Silly
  • How AI has Changed SEO
  • How Does Google Detect “AI Content”?
  • Deep Dive Into The Helpful Content Update
  • Google’s Search Generative Experience
  • Why Core Web Vitals Is NOT a Ranking Factor Now
  • E.A.T.T. Myths and Why It’s Not a Ranking Factor, Ranking Signal or Ranking System
  • How To Learn About SEO From “The Source”
  • How To Find and Hire The Right SEO (And how to attract the right clients if you are an SEO)
  • Kristine’s Approach to Providing SEO Consulting

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