It’s not often we get to learn from experienced in-house SEOs but today’s guest is Jackie Chu, formerly an in-house SEO at Square and now the SEO Lead at Uber.

You’ll learn:

  • How Square Ranked For “POS System”
  • Internal Linking Tips
  • How to use SEO as a Product Function
  • How Facebook Ads Can Help SEO
  • App Store Optimization Tips (a first on Experts!)
  • And tons more… you don’t want to miss this!

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Show Agenda and Timestamps

  • Show Introduction [0:22]
  • Quick show description [0:58]
  • Jackie’s Introduction [1:42]
    • How Jackie got into SEO [1:51]
    • How does Jackie stay on top of SEO trends [3:08]
    • How does one know who they should be following [4:18]
  • InHouse Content Marketing [7:10]
    • When educating companies internally on the benefits of SEO why is there often push back and how to handle it  [7:26]
      • Advice for consultants for how to be more engaged as she is internally when they are on the outside [10:56]
    • How does she get people excited about successes when they aren’t excited about the metrics measuring that success  [13:11]
    • How does Jackie communicate the value of top of funnel content [16:03]
    • What are some strategies Jackie uses for ranking and getting product pages visible and Point of Sale at Square [18:31]
    • What sort of things does Jackie do to help Internal Linking [21:55]
    • What does Jackie mean by for bigger companies SEO happens at the product level [24:42]
  • Sponsor Break – BuzzSumo with discount code! [28:09]
  • Does Jackie do Content Cleanups and what are her tips [31:22]
  • How does Jackie find Featured Snippets opportunities [34:37]
    • Branded Searches and Featured Snippets at Square [35:35]
  • Does Paid Social Help SEO [40:18]
  • App Store optimization [49:28]
    • What is ASO and what is the goal [49:47]
    • What are the ranking factors? [52:34]
    • How to influence download velocity [54:33]
  • How to contact Jackie [56:23]
  • What does Jackie look for when hiring [56:45]
  • What does Jackie look for in resources to help train her team [57:59]
  • Does Jackie believe in “fire fast” [59:18]

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