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We did it! One hundred episodes of Experts on the Wire.

Enjoy 🙂


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Show Agenda and Timestamps

  • Episode Introduction [0:22]
  • Some pre show notes  [1:25]
  • What this episode will be about – 3 listeners ask their own questions for Dan and Marie to answer [2:05]
  • Show Begins [2:46]
  • Marie Haynes’ Podcast Search news You Can Use [4:04]
  • What has Marie learned since the August 1st Google update and have there been more updates since then? [5:24]
    • Local update [5:57]
    • Organic update- update that hit businesses with trust issues [6:44]
      • Has Marie seen any recoveries for those sites affected? [8:44]
  • 1st caller Steve [10:10]
    • Steve runs a website builder review website and also has a blog for seo purposes. Steve doesn’t know if his blog helps with seo and is unsure which direction to take the blog in to help with SEO. [11:09]
      • Marie’s thoughts on blogs [12:48]
      • Dan’s Thoughts [16:00]
      • Marie’s thoughts on blog content unrelated to the business site [17:50]
  • More thoughts on the Google update and how EAT and trust plays a factor [20:25]
  • 2nd caller Talmage [24:54]
    • Can you optimize for TF-IDF, Proof Terms, Semantics, LSI? [25:18]
      • Dan’s response [26:14]
      • Marie’s response [27:28]
    • Google update caused some of Talmage’s clients to suffer what can he do to counteract it [29:16]
      • Marie’s thoughts [30:31]
      • Dan’s thoughts [33:38]
      • Marie’s addition recommendations [34:55]
    • How to best build links and what are Dan and Marie’s thoughts on link building? [36:56]
      • Dan’s thoughts [37:33]
      • Marie’s thought [38:58]
  • 3rd caller Victor [42:06]
    • How to optimize for an “hours open” listing site?[42:42]
      • Marie’s response [44:17]
      • Dan’s thoughts [46:43]
      • Marie’s additional thoughts on providing value that people can’t find elsewhere [49:02]
      • Dan’s additional thoughts on Victor’s website [51:46]
      • Marie’s final thoughts on link building and user experience [52:32]
  • Dan and Marie’s final thoughts on incorrect business models [54:11]
  • Where to find Marie online [55:10]

Articles, Resources, and Links Mentioned

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