Clients like Casper, Genius, Lending Tree, World Market and Policy Genius are turning to Corey Eulas for SEO. In this interview – find out what is moving the SEO needle for these brands, how Corey lands these clients and the critical importance of testing in SEO.

This episode is for all the hardcore SEO fans (and future hardcore SEO fans) – as we talk shop about log file analysis, crawling big sites, dashboards – and why you can’t trust what Google says at face value.

(Note: not sure what happened, but I completely skipped saying ‘episode 69’ when pre-recording this. You didn’t miss episode 69, it doesn’t exist!)


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This is the FIRST episode with sponsors! Woohoo! That means we can continue to bring you this show – and only keep making it better and better.

In fact, Corey and I had started recording this interview weeks earlier, and after 20 minutes in I stopped it because the Skype connection wasn’t good enough. In the past, I may have powered through, but with sponsors, I just couldn’t. It helps make this show more ‘official’ and it will just keep getting better.

HUGE thanks to:

BuzzSumo – One of my favorite tools for coming up with content ideas, finding people who share content in an industry, and tons more (like alerts to keep an eye on your competitor’s links). Also, check out their new Q&A tool Bloomberry. Listen to the show for a special code to get 30% off BuzzSumo for 3 months.

Local Visibility System – I have referred hundreds of people to Phil Rozek for Local SEO help. If you run a “local” business, he can probably help you (also, he offers a free DIY guide).



Show Agenda


  • What do you consider your core skill sets?
  • Why did you go off and start your own agency?

Agency SEO

  • Twitter – “We do marketing but mostly SEO”?
  • What makes someone an “SEO Type”?
  • Who else is with you in the company?
  • How did you land such great name clients?
  • What is your proposal process?

Doing SEO

  • The importance of experiments & dashboards
  • Log file analysis
  • Internal forums for the long tail


  • The NYC startup scene
  • Moving the needle


  • Skills Corey looks for when hiring

Content Development

Turing Away SEO Work

Following The SEO News & Trends

Quiet on Social Media?

Were you a magician?


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  • June 3, 2017 Reply


    Wasn’t going to listen to this show, since I just deal with small/medium sized businesses. I still managed to pull a lot away.

    Great questions, thanks.

    • June 5, 2017 Reply

      Dan Shure

      Hey Raphael

      Thanks for tuning in any way, glad you did! There is definitely a lot of all SEO situations in this intrview

  • June 13, 2017 Reply


    Glad you decided to have Corey on! An incredibly informative listen that will certainly help many!

  • June 14, 2017 Reply

    7 Mile Marketing

    SEO is difficult if you are not familiar with the strategies. Thanks to the experts like Corey who shared some ideas on how to rock SEO for any types of business across the web. I like how Corey detailed each pointer on how to do big brand SEO. It makes everything easy now. Thanks Dan for sharing what you have learned from Corey Eulas! I am sure there are more to come! Cheers!

    • June 14, 2017 Reply

      Dan Shure

      Yes – I too learn so much from the people like Corey I get to interview!

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