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This is the first of three episodes recorded at TechSEO Boost 2018! I sat down with Aysun Akarsu to chat about:

  • How to optimizing your site architecture and crawl paths for better rankings
  • Does ‘crawl budget’ actually exist (even though Google says it doesn’t)?
  • How to set up a crawl, and what data to pull into your crawl analysis for better insights
  • The free common crawl web graph dataset and what she was surprised to learn about backlinks on the web
  • What universities can’t teach you about SEO

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Show Agenda and Timestamps

  • Episode Introduction [0:22]
  • Aysun introduction [1:49]
    • Aysun’s Background and how does she describe what she does? [1:55]
  • What does analyzing big search data mean on large sites? [2:43]
    • How to explain crawl budget to clients [4:14]
  • How does Aysun define “crawl first SEO” and what is the focus? [5:00]
    • What are some tools Aysun uses to collect the needed data? [5:58]
    • What tools does Aysun use for storage and calculating metrics  [7:36]
    • Are there any other data sources that she pulls together for the crawl first analysis?  [9:27]
    • What metrics does Aysun focus on? [9:55]
    • How to prepare before the crawl [10:43]
    • How does Aysun gather the needed information from her clients [12:58]
    • What is the importance of having the correct IP or user-agent? [16:18]
    • What is an example of crawl waste? [19:22]
    • Should you always tell the client when their site will be crawled or does it depend on the size of the website? [20:24]
    • The test crawl [21:30]
    • Aysun breaks down crawling into 4 categories- what they are and what they mean [21:53]
    • What are some things to look for that indicate poor crawl optimization? [23:53]
    • Is Aysun a fan of large nested XML sitemaps or HTML sitemaps that provide other ways for crawler?  [26:32]
    • What does Aysun think of crawl budget? [26:56]
    • Any other common traps when doing a crawl? [27:48]
    • Does Aysun trust the crawl stats in the google search console? [29:01]
  • Sponsor Break with discount code!! [30:35]
  • Common Crawl Web Graph [32:04]
    • What is the data representing? [35:09]
    • What is Harmonic Position and Harmonic Value? [35:29]
    • What did Aysun learn about the distribution of pagerank by visualizing the data? [37:12]
    • What are some way the data can help SEOs and Data Scientists in their ranking research? [40:04]
  • Learning SEO [41:58]
    • Are there challenges that Aysun sees that universities have when teaching SEO. What are they good at? What are their weakness? How to fill in the gaps outside the classroom?  [42:17]
    • What is a simple way to improve at Data Analysis? [44:46]
    • Is there a particular language Aysun recommends to begin with? [46:16]
      • What is a good way to learn the language? [46:23]
  • TechSEO Boost panel discussion [47:51]
    • What are some things SEOs can do to work better with Developers [48:26]
    • Does Aysun see marketing being communicated with developers? [50:27]
  • Where to find Aysun online and speaking [51:15]

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