Today we have our first return guest to Experts. Brian Dean (Backlinko) appeared on Episode 3 of Experts On The Wire, and his episode has been the most downloaded to date. When I heard he was going to be near my neck of the woods in New England, I jumped on the opportunity to bring you another exclusive interview with Brian.

Today – in the wake of Google announcing a Mobile Pop-Up penalty coming in 2017, we dive deep into email marketing, specifically, the mistakes people make when collecting emails on their website and the RIGHT ways to collect emails. He reveals the exact conversion rates one on one particular page (that might surprise you – it’s an untapped opportunity!) – and he tells us what the absolute most effective of email capture actually is.

He gives us his honest opinion on “Welcome Mats” and what to do with Google’s upcoming “pop-up” penalty on Mobile (coming in 2017).

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This interview was also recorded on video (our first video interview, and you can find it on my YouTube channel – EvolvingSEO).

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Popup Ads

  • “They’re annoying.”
  • “Very few people go to a page to signup for a list.”
  • Impending Google penalization (only mobile)
  • “This is a first step in a long series … “
  • “We have until January 10th.”

Welcome Mats

  • “No, I don’t use welcome mats…it’s not welcoming.”
  • “I used to use them and they worked well…”
  • Exit intent popups

Forming an Email List

  • “It doesn’t work like that…”
  • “You got to think… how can I collect emails with this?”
  • the About page
  • “You want to lead with how you can help them.”
  • Squeeze page
  • the Content Upgrade
  • “If you have an email list, anything is possible.”

Maintaining an Email List

  • “I like to make a huge distinction between when I’m selling and when I’m not.”
  • “You have to focus on deliverability.”
  • Using images
  • “If they (subscribers) like the piece of content, they won’t feel bothered …”

Should Small Local Businesses Be Link Building?


  • What is it?
  • “Publish a new title and see if it performs better…”

Modern SEO

Facebook Ads

  • “Create an ad and start learning.”
  • Using images
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  • February 28, 2017 Reply


    Not using images in email, interesting idea.

    I wonder if exit intent will be penalized by google?

    Trust Brian’s opinions, enjoyed the show.

    • February 28, 2017 Reply

      Dan Shure

      From what we know now, Google has said it’s just pop-ups that show up when you land on a page from search and they cover/hide the content. I wonder if exit intent is even possible on mobile, because those are usually triggered by the mouse hovering up to the URL bar.

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