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Jono’s professional background

Description of Linkdex

Expertise and not execution

  • “Good SEO is about authority, brand recognition…you earn visibility.”
  • “You can’t outsource brand or reputation.”
  • “The smaller companies need help and not SEO.”
  • “Should you be concerned about how well the chef cooks chicken rather than making an infograph about good chicken?”
  • “SEO is the best bad description that we have.”
  • “On a high level, what we’re (SEOs) best at is understanding marketplaces and competitive opportunity.”

Proving the value of SEO

  • “We need to start saying, ‘This will be the best use of my time’ versus you will get X for Y amount of money.”
  • “You’re doing the work to fuel the process rather than the work that’s going to make the difference.”
  • “The agency model, at its heart, is based on scalable resource.”

Payment Models

  • “The retainer process is not broken but it may be time to challenge it.”
  • “You’re really purchasing my expertise.”
  • We can learn from business consultants
  • “The future of SEO looks more like business consultancy and less like stereotypical link building in a basement.”

The Heart Framework

  • “The heart framework steps too far away from the commercial world.”
  • “It’s really nice that people are happy but we’re losing money.”

Bullet Charts

  • “You take a horizontal bar chart and consider thresholds of performance.”
  • “Most organizations struggle to articulate their strategy.”
  • “It’s not a commodity deliverable. It’s a journey.”

What should clients look for in an agency

  • “Look for a partnership, not a commodity.”

What should agencies look for in a client

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the markets
  • Align your strengths with their weaknesses
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