In this episode with Rand Fishkin, we chat about getting outsized results from influencers, Moz’s “worst landing page the web has ever seen”, the inputs to success of Whiteboard Friday, time travel, emotions .. and LOTS more. Beards and whiskey too 🙂


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What to Ask Customers

  • Why, When, Who, How, etc (related to the product/service)
  • What to learn from the influencers of potential customers
  • What do influencers share and why do they share it?

Whiteboard Friday

  • “It was a format (at the time) that was extremely unique.”
  • Extremely focused on best practices
  • We eventually invested heavily in cameras, staff, the room, lighting, etc
  • Time on page, memory/recall, and brand impact/association was tremendous
  • Helped Rand get speaking gigs

Roger Mozbot

  • Injecting fun into a brand can have a positive impact if … “
  • “The key is to find something that is relevant and credible.”

Keyword Explorer

  • How are you measuring its success?
  • “Worst-performing landing page … “
  • Free trial offer was not clear (New landing page is coming soon)

Rand’s Book in the Making

  • Why a book?

Most-Important Thing Small Marketing Teams Should Do

  • Balance of 3 things

Beginner Resources

  • Start with resources and move to application

Marriage & Business

  • Communication
  • Short and long-term (“Are you okay with that?”)

Why Do You Do That?

Time Travel?

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