If you had to create content for, say…. a bus pricing and comparison company (sounds boring right?) – what would you create to get them massive distribution, social shares and dare I say … links?

Today’s guest on Experts On The Wire is Kerry Jones. She is an Associate Marketing Director at Fractl. She’s going to teach us a process for creating content that gets massive distribution. This process is based upon what has actually worked for Fractl and their clients. 

You’ll learn the elements of a killer content idea (for example, positive emotions – I know, you wouldn’t know that from reading the news!), an exact process for creating your content and exactly how to pitch it to publishers at sites like the Huffington Post and New York Times – including two “magic” words you can put in your email title to make them want to publish your content.

She’ll share real examples of success stories – including what they created for that bus pricing and comparison tool – that earned over 300 links.


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  • “I started my first blog 15 years ago.”
  • “The blog is what I used to get a job in the online marketing industry.”


  • “I lead our in-house marketing team.”
  • “I market a marketing agency.”
  • Data journalism
  • “A lot of SEO people like to come to us.”

Stages of the Roadmap of Share-Worthy Content

  • Ideation, creation, promotion
  • “We’ve studied what has worked…”


  • “There are four things an idea needs to be successful.”
  • “Three types of emotion you want to focus on.”
  • “Surprise is the key element.”
  • “Your idea must be newsworthy or original.”
  • “What has been successful in the past?”


  • Four steps
  • In-house data
  • “Any government site has tons of data sets.”
  • “Look through any .gov, .edu, academic journal, etc.”
  • “Lead the content with your data.”
  • “Don’t say the word, ‘infographic.'”


  • “Your work is just getting started.”
  • “Choose the right publishers to pitch.”
  • High engagement site > high traffic site
  • “The average journalist is getting 100 pitches per day.”
  • “The subject line is the most important part of the pitch.”
  • “We have a few tried and true subject line tips …”
  • “We pitch 50 to 100 marketing publications.”
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  • May 10, 2018 Reply


    I appreciated this post. I’ve been trying to find a specialty within SEO and digital marketing that fits me and this podcast was gold. I accidentally found the podcast after my SEO mentor sent me a link to one of the more recent episodes. Keep up the good work. I figured I’d give a comment since you seem to express a love for the “comments” section.

    • May 10, 2018 Reply

      Dan Shure

      Thanks Andrew! Yup – I’m a strong advocate of using comments, encouraging discussion, and for the content creators to actually reply and engage (like I am doing here). Glad you found the podcast and that you like it!

  • May 18, 2018 Reply


    Great podcast. I too just found it by accident through another site and very glad that I did. Very helpful insights, tools and links and applicable immediately. I just used the 2 magic words in an email subject line for a media pitch! Really nice dialog between you and Kerry and you should have her return again. Thanks for the interesting information.

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