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Episode #3 Guest – Brian Dean of Backlinko

Brian Dean lifts the curtain on his content creation process for Backlinko. He reveals how many unique visits Backlinko.com gets per month (it’s a LOT), a secret project he’s working on, how to keep your email newsletters out of the promotions tab – and MUCH more.

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Brian’s Intro

  • configuring homepage and site pages [4:20]
  • no products/services page? [4:45]
  • nothing to buy directly from blog? [5:15]
  • reduce the number of options on every page [6:00]

Potential clients skeptical of SEOs/marketers

  • the .5%? [9:50]
  • recommendations for finding a good agency [11:15]
  • you can’t fail fast enough? [16:20]


  • creation process [18:45]
  • content that gets shares, comments, links [22:00]
  • Pre-outreach [28:30]

Email List

  • time/effort [31:35]
  • how to get in personal email inbox [34:15]
  • outreach tools [38:15]

Opportunity Gaps

  • frequency of publishing [41:00]
  • the ‘skyscraper technique’ and ‘prop’ words [43:45]

Diverse Group of Domain Links

  • links from smaller sites [49:00]
  • relevance vs quality [49:45]


  • becoming data driven [51:30]
  • international sales [52:30]
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  • March 23, 2016 Reply

    TJ Kelly

    Love this episode. Thanks so much for sharing, guys. Keep up the great work. It’s an inspiration!

    • March 23, 2016 Reply

      Dan Shure

      Thanks TJ!

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