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Gisele is Operations Director at NeoMam (who has helped companies like HomeAdvisor, Angie’s List and Expedia with content and link campaigns).

In this episode:

  • How Gisele landed six features from just fifteen emails 
  • Why link building is NOT just the same as “digital PR”
  • Getting big-name sites to link to you (with a different approach to link reclamation)
  • How to prioritize outreach
  • Why you SHOULD use templates for outreach
  • How to measure link building success
  • Dealing with “exclusives” for publishers
  • How much it COSTS for a content and link campaign
  • She even breaks down an exact campaign NeoMam is doing for Angie’s List
  • And! Gisele answers YOUR questions from Twitter (we got so many, we couldn’t get to them all, but got to as many as possible!)

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Show Agenda and Timestamps

  • Episode Introduction and topic overview [0.22]
  • Gisele’s Introduction [1:16]
    • What about Link Building did Gisele fall in love with [1:32]
  • What Gisele does at NeoMam Studios [5:36]
    • Where does the content Gisele creates end up? [8:56]
    • What does the budget look like for the type of campaigns Gisele runs? [10:29]
  • Link Building and Digital PR [13:11]
    • What is the difference between Link Building and Digital PR (and what is PR, Link Building and Digital PR) [13:29]
    • Link Building Strategies [17:37]
      • Link Reclamation [17:46]
      • Twitter Question about Outreach- Alex Quay – How do you prioritise your outreach targets? (Eg Most likely to give a followed link, the contextual relevance of the site vs authority etc etc) [25:31]
      • Is there a typical size for an outreach list for a campaign? [29:39]
      • Why does Gisele like Templates and how can they be used in a way that’s effective? [30:54]
      • Twitter Question about Outreach- Andrews Suagstrup – Three best examples of “yes questions” to round off an email to get a dialogue started? [40:48]
    • Working with Journalists [48:10]
      • Twitter Question – Alex Quay – What advice would you give for building a successful, ongoing relationships with journalists? [48:19]
      • Twitter Question-  Mark Alves – What are best practices for unveiling a large dataset and accompanying findings? Should you provide embargoed access to one or more journalists?  [53:54]
    • Infographics- Twitter Question- Jason Thibault – How has link building via infographics changed in the last 2-3 years? [1:00:16]
    • Tools – Twitter Question – Vitalija Bay – Please name three main tools you use when doing outreach every day. [1:05:20]
    • Measuring Results- Twitter Question- Peak District SEOI – What would you call a good campaign? You create an article. And do outreach how many links are you aiming for, and what quality level in terms of DA, trust flow etc [1:12:04]
  • Where to find Gisele online & Webinars [1:18:37]

Tools Mentioned

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