I love this strategy in this week’s episode because it takes advantage of “sawdust” – the stuff leftover from something else, but it can be USED to provide value and get you links in return.

And yes, this is a supplementary link acquisition strategy – not to necessarily replace your primary link acquisition – but you could take this concept and take it even further, which we chat about throughout the interview.

After listening to this show, you’ll know how to set up your own free stock photo library in Flickr, and earn links.

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BuzzSumo – One of my favorite tools for coming up with content ideas, finding people who share content in an industry, and tons more (like alerts to keep an eye on your competitor’s links). In this episode I share a tip for exactly how I would use BuzzSump with the strategy and process Jay outlines. Listen to the show for a special code to get 30% off BuzzSumo for 3 months.

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Show Agenda and Timestamps

  • Show Introduction [0:21]
  • Jay Introduction [1:12]
    • Some of the sites where Jay has received some of the photo links [2:07]
    • Jay’s Background [3:00]
    • Jay’s current day to day work at Massive Kontent [4:45]
  • Building up a stock photo library process summary [5:36]
  • How many photos has Jay posted in his stock library [9:25]
    • The equipment does Jay uses [10:30]
    • Jay’s process for shooting his photos [11:21]
  • 6 Types of photos that work well for stock photo libraries [12:04]
    • Tips for taking a well-composed photo [14:16]
    • Taking photos of actions [16:31]
    • Editing the photos [18:01]
  • How to setup your flickr account [19:55]
    • How the syndication and creative commons works [23:28]
    • Tagging strategy for flickr [24:49]
    • flickr Explore [26:48]
      • Tips on how to get into Explore [27:31]
    • Do you need followers in flickr? [28:19]
    • What is the attribution to choose [29:12]
    • How to add your photos to groups [30:45]
    • What is Geolocation? [32:49]
    • How are people finding the photos? [34:19]
  • Dan’s proactive idea and BuzzSumo sponsor break with offer code [35:04]
    • Jay’s thoughts on Dan’s idea [39:15]
    • Jay’s proactive idea involving Instagram [39:38]
    • More proactive tips from Dan [41:04]
  • How to find where your photos being used  [42:40]
    • How to ensure the link to your domain is correct [44:15]
    • How does Jay reach out to those using the photos to ask them to link correctly [45:20]
  • How this works as a supplementary link acquisition strategy and how it fits into the overall link strategy [48:36]
  • When is a good time to think about taking these photos [50:40]
  • Five types of sites to skip [53:08]
  • Reindexing pages that have placed your link [55:49]
  • Ideas to take this to the next level [57:15]
  • Adding Instagram to the mix [59:25]
  • TechSEO Boost 2017 [1:00:23]
  • Where to find Jay online [1:03:26]

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