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Dan is a Senior Technical SEO and Account Director at SALT Agency. We covered a LOT of topics in this conversation – including:

  • The benefits of service workers and how to set them up (we get pretty detailed)
  • Why the traditional SEO audit document is flawed
  • How to handle the various challenges we encounter with Javascript frameworks
  • How to optimize internal linking
  • What the heck is Yandex Metrica?
  • And LOTs more!

This episode was recorded in person at TechSEO Boost in Boston, November 2018.

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Show Agenda and Timestamps

  • Episode Introduction and topic overview [0:22]
  • Dan’s Introduction [1:53]
    • Dan’s first introduction to SEO? [1:59]
    • Where did Dan get his technical seo background? [3:38]
      • Resources Dan recommends to help expand technical seo knowledge [4:20]
  • Salt Agency [5:45]
    • Audits at Salt [8:06]
  • What does Dan think about the modern day SEO audit and how does he approach audits? [8:14]
  • What types of incorrect ideas, mindsets to people knew to SEO continue to have? [10:35]
  • What is a Service Worker? [13:11]
    • How does it connect to cloudflare? [15:00]
    • Are there any CMS or platform limitations? [16:43]
  • Dan’s tool- Hreflang Checker [17:48]
  • Twitter Questions [19:20]
    • Drew- What’s the most important technical SEO aspect to know? For people starting out in SEO, where should they start in regards to technical SEO? [19:22]
  • Does Dan have a tool or process he likes to identify internal linking opportunities? [22:26]
  • Twitter Questions [23:24]
    • Farabi- Would you please talk about SEO strategy for a UGC website? And about AMP for video sharing services. [23:24]
    • Bill- How do you QC a service worker? What’s the worst that can happen technically when implementing one? [26:08]
    • I’d love to know if putting hours in a table has worked for other industries in GMB. It would be interesting to see if GMB would pull in a table for By Appointment Hours or something like that. [29:06]
  • John Mueller & Javascript [32:53]
    • Dan’s thoughts on John’s Javascript quote and Javascript in general [39:59]
  • How can PPC help SEO [42:14]
  • Ecommerce & E-A-T [44:18]
  • Yandex Metrica [47:48]
  • Where to find Dan online [50:00]

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