The second we started this interview I knew it was going to be one for the history books! Marty is a creative, imaginative, strategic thinker AND technical in how he understands data, and the intersection of people with search engines – top it off with years of experience helping companies like Airbnb, Amazon, Square and more with his company Aimclear

Some of the topics we discussed!

  • The value of BRAND searches as “lakefront property”
  • Marketing “unknown unknown” disruptive products
  • Keywords vs Psychographics
  • Why you need to use keywords in your social creative
  • How to tell who is searching certain keywords
  • How to leverage the cyclical nature of search
  • Do facebook ads help rankings?
  • How to build links through paid social
  • And questions from Twitter!

(Quick note: you may notice a slight difference in audio quality on this episode. It’s still very listenable, but my audio interface died and we had to use Skype call recorder for this will be back to normal soon!) 

Listen Now!

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Show Agenda and Timestamps

  • Show Introduction [0:19]
  • Marty’s Introduction [1:12]
    • Marty’s background in music and how it has helped with marketing [1:42]
    • Was Marty’s shift from music into marketing intentional? [3:35]
  • What does Marty’s Agency, Aimclear, do? [6:53]
    • Brand Terms [7:25]
    • How many people work at Aimclear and what are their roles? [9:27]
  • SEO, paid social, paid channels; Psychographics vs Keywords [11:43]
    • How do you figure out who are the people searching for a particular keyword? [17:12]
    • Psychographic Influencer Distribution against PR and SEO [22:21]
  • Slide: “Cause Keyword Search Early”- Prevent people from searching by reminding them they are about to do it before they do [27:08]
  • Sponsor break with Discount Code!! BuzzSumo [32:07]
  • Has Marty tested whether running paid ads helps SEO [34:02]
  • Listener Questions [38:12]
    • How do you use multiple Facebook campaigns in unison to move prospects through their buyer’s journey? [38:24]
    • What is Marty’s ad strategy for low involvement purchase versus a high involvement purchase? [41:42]
      • What is a facebook engagement retargeting audience? [43:27]
    • Twitter Question from Bill Scully: How would a new unique niche product like  with no money start advertising on Facebook? [45:51]
    • Twitter Question from Optimisey: How do you scale an agency? [57:10]
    • Twitter Question from Optimisey: What’s the ROI on awards? How do you know which are worth winning?[1:02:03]
    • Twitter Question from Optimisey: How do you balance running a company and doing the hands-on work yourself? [1:06:47]
    • Twitter Question from Jeremy Rivera: What are you most excited about in digital marketing right now? [1:12:43]
    • Does Marty do some of the photography for Aimclear? Marty’s interest in photography [1:19:35]
    • Twitter Question from Jonathan Hockman: What was the greatest challenge in your life and how did it affect you?  [1:20:50]
      • What helped Marty deal with his mental illness and last thoughts for the listeners [1:24:26]
  • Where to find Marty online [1:28:07]

Tools Mentioned

Articles, Resources, and Links Mentioned

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