A tweet like the one below from Justin Briggs is hard to miss. 120% growth in product pages, 60% growth in content pages – and as I learned later – a 258% growth in featured snippet visibility. All in a highly competitive and regulated financial industry.

As you can estimate in the SEMrush snapshot below – that’s millions of monthly page views:

I had recently had Justin Briggs (50% of Briggsby) on this Podcast but wanted to talk with his business partner (and now wife, congrats!) Stephanie Briggs about how she helped this client achieve such remarkable SEO growth.

Our conversation spans across the SEO strategies used – but also into key things like how to persuade clients to take action in the first place, “mood boards”, projecting ROI, competitor analysis – and a TON more.

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BuzzSumo – One of my favorite tools for coming up with content ideas, finding people who share content in an industry, and tons more (like alerts to keep an eye on your competitor’s links). Also, check out their new Question Analyzer Tool (formally Bloomberry – just launched within BuzzSumo!) Listen to the show for a special code to get 30% off BuzzSumo for 3 months.

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Show Agenda & Timestamps

  • SEMRush Contest Announcement [0:49]
  • Stephanie Briggs Introduction and show agenda [1:21]
  • Stephanie’s Background [2:02]
    • Stephanie’s Degree in Market Research and Advertising- is a degree worth it? [2:06]
    • Seer Interactive Background [4:04]
      • How Stephanie doubled Seer’s email outreach response rate in 3 months [6:10]
      • What was the office atmosphere at Seer? [7:56]
    • What types of clients does Briggsby work with? [8:43]
      • What are companies looking for from Briggsby? [9:23]
      • Stephanie’s role and responsibility at Briggsby [10:33]
  • Content Strategy [11:04]
    • How does Stephanie find topics that drive results? [11:53]
    • How does Stephanie approach looking for topics in highly competitive spaces [14:27]
    • Mobile spaces and how to find topics and create content for companies in a heavily mobile space? [15:54]
    • What are her clients looking for in Content Strategy and how does Stephanie balance satisfy differing content strategy goals [17:04]
  • Example of Traffic Growth for a client in a Highly Regulated Financial Vertical [18:38]
    • What was the scenario, steps taken and how the results came about  [19:01]
      • Restructuring site, good internal linking [20:55]
    • How did they get the client to execute their recommendations [21:36]
      • What tools did they use to show the client how their competitors were growing [22:52]
      • Moodboard [23:31]
      • Click Depth [23:52]
      • Ranking Factors [24:21]
    • Individual pieces of content overhaul [24:32]
      • What makes a piece of content better than others [25:10]
    • Final Step- Leveraging redesign [26:55]
  • How does Stephanie like to use BuzzSumo [28:54]
  • Getting featured answers / featured snippets in Google [29:40]
    • How did Stephanie increase the number of keywords with featured snippets for a client by 258%  and did it help them? [29:45]
    • Treat every piece of content as a featured snippet and how does Stephanie monitor them? [31:40]
    • Google Home versus Alexa Echo [32:55]
  • Using Keyword Research to Develop Business Cases for Clients [33:31]
    • How Stephanie defines business case and examples [33:40]
    • Search Console Tip [35:21]
  • Competitive Analysis [37:52]
    • Historic Data in SEMRush [40:17]
    • How do they pull apart correlation versus causation of competitors traffic increasing [40:47]
  • Reporting and Dashboards [41:32]
    • What tools does Stephanie use for reporting and dashboards for clients  [41:48]
    • Stephanie’s article “Rank Varies with Search Demand in Google Search Console” explained [44:12]
    • Does the design and aesthetics of presentations and deliverable matter? [46:12]
    • How does Stephanie decide which format to use for the deliverable [46:59]
    • Tips for being more efficient [47:43]
  • Client Work- How does Stephanie quantify the effort, scope of the project [50:35]
    • How does Briggsby know they have put in the appropriate amount of time, effort for a client [51:55]
  • What makes a good question? [52:57]
  • Recommendations for those starting out trying to get clients in SEO/Marketing [54:11]
  • Can proposals be systematized or are they more art than science? [55:23]
  • Where to find Stephanie online and conferences [56:09]

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