This is a special episode of Experts in a few ways. For one, Gaetano shares for the first time how SEO played a role in the just announced acquisition of Salehacker. And we get really into the details on his growth strategy that exploded their traffic 426% in 16 months.

Second – this was an experimental on-location episode – recorded in person in Boston while sipping espresso. See the video below!

  • Growing Salehacker to 19,000 monthly visits to 100,000+ monthly visit in 16 months
  • What he did on day one and week one
  • Their content clean up process
  • How to run a blog that’s almost entirely guest posts
  • How he created a content strategy for SEO growth
  • How they rank for highly competitive sales topics
  • Finding and vetting writers
  • And… how their SEO success contributed to recently being acquired

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  • Show Introduction [0:22]
  • Gaetano’s Interview Begins [2:01]
  • What is Sales Hacker? [2:22]
    • How does Sales Hacker make money? [4:07]
  • Gaetano’s background and what did Gaetano do when he first got to Sales Hacker [5:35]
    • Tackling the email list [6:23]
    • How did he approach the Sales Hacker content [8:24]
      • What was the cleanup process like? [12:05]
    • What was Gaetano’s strategy for Sales Hacker moving forward [13:26]
    • How did Gaetano identify search topics [14:38]
      • What is Sales Hacker’s top post driving traffic? [19:15]
      • What was Gaetano’s approach for a brand new piece of content that is now doing really well [21:41]
      • How to do they differentiate themselves and add value? [22:06]
  • The writers at Sales Hacker [23:54]
    • How do they find the writers and what is the vetting process? [24:14]
    • How do they guide and keep writers on topic [25:45]
    • Gaetano’s Database of potential writers [27:20]
  • How do they contribute success from traffic growth? [28:38]
    • Do they manually create a custom call to action for each post? [29:47]
  • Sponsor Break with an interview related tip and discount code! [31:06]
  • What has been working well on LinkedIn and is it driving traffic? [33:01]
  • How does Sales Hacker get over 1,000 people to sign up for their webinars? [35:10]
  • What other content types are they doing that help with the growth or business goals [36:58]
  • Is the Blog content sponsored, if yes how much? [37:59]
    • Do they do any outside promotion or link building for their blog content? [39:11]
  • How important is it to have a SEO that is involved in the content and marketing? [40:37]
    • How to get the CEO more involved? [41:24]
  • How important is it to grow in brand awareness and what has been the main drivers behind Sales Hacker becoming a better know brand? [43:27]
  • The 20% of actions that have led to 80% of important results that Sale Hacker has seen [45:10]
    • The content checklist [47:16]
  • Outreach’s acquisition of Sales Hacker [50:08]
    • What will the acquisition look like and what are the SEO implications? [51:54]
    • How did search traffic help make the acquisition possible [53:50]
    • How is Gaetano thinking about the next strategy? How is Gaetano thinking about avoiding a dip or plateau in traffic? [55:15]
    • Dan’s tips [56:56]
  • Interview wrap up and where to find Gaetano online [1:02:13]

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