When you think about it, audio is the most untapped content-type for Google (and search in general). They’ve practically mastered and dominate every other form – from text to video, maps, news, images.

But Google recently announced their plans to make audio a ‘first class citizen’ in search – from podcasts to any audio in your own content – I believe we’re all going have to get great at audio SEO.

Listen to this episode to find out what we know now (straight from Google) and how to prepare for an audio revolution!

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Show Agenda and Timestamps

  • Show Introduction [0:21]
  • Steve’s Introduction [1:28]
    • Steve’s role at Pacific Content and what the company does [1:33]
    • Notable brands that Pacific Content works with [2:56]
    • How does Steve describe what he does currently? [3:53]
    • Tips to capture people’s attention in digital mediums [6:33]
  • Steve’s article series about Google and podcasts [8:26]
    • Who is Zach Reneau-Wedeen and what does he do at Google? [8:35]
    • How did the interview for the series come about? [9:50]
    • Experience added to google play in 2016 [12:10]
    • What will it look like when podcasts are treated as first-class citizens in search [13:18]
      • How do you tell Google you want a podcast in a search result [14:48]
      • Will this be moving to all search, all browsers, and all platforms?  [15:57]
    • iPhone users versus Android Users [16:40]
      • Most podcast creators use apple [17:36]
    • Google wants to double the number of podcast listeners and stats on podcast listening [19:14]
      •  Podcasts that Steve loves and exemplifies the future of podcasting [22:21]
    • New podcast product, what is it? [25:00]
    • How to make podcasts more search friendly for Google [26:24]
      • Getting into Google Play [32:30]
      • Will Google Assistant play podcasts and the importance of naming your podcast well [32:55]
      • Importance of metadata and episode descriptions clearing stating who the guests are for search purposes [34:59]
        • Google’s new Assistant voices [36:04]
      • Featured Snippets [37:44]
  • Sponsor Break with discount code!! [38:38]
  • Steve’s Google podcast series 41:00]
    • What are Steve’s hopes for audio SEO [41:28]
      • Search on smart speakers [43:02]
    • What does Steve hope audio SEO does not become [45:42]
    • Start getting good at audio beyond podcasts [47:51]
    • Having a Context-Specific Content Strategy [50:52]
    • Part 5 in Steve’s series [54:14]
      • How might google listen to podcasts [54:18]
    • What impact might translation have on podcasts and audio content? [56:57]
  • Podcasting as a strategy for a company, brand, etc [58:38]
    • How to make your podcast distinct from what is currently available? [1:02:59]
    • What are some things that make a high-quality podcast? [1:05:21]
  • Why did Steve create a series about Google and podcasts rather than one large article? [1:08:26]
    • How much exposure has Steve’s article series gotten? [1:09:30]
    • Which article in the series was the most popular? [1:10:38]
    • Has the article created more business for Pacific Content? [1:11:49]
  • Where to find Steve online and podcasts Steve recommends [1:12:30]

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