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In today’s episode!

  • What ‘link equity’ might mean in a mobile-first index world
  • Why you don’t need a URL to be indexed anymore
  • Language & Keyword Indexing vs Entity Indexing
  • What chatbots have to do with voice search
  • Google Actions and Google Assistant
  • Listeners questions answered (PWA’s, AMP, Google Posts, Mobile Site Speed)
  • Why the entire SEO industry is excited about the new Heads of Google Search

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Show Agenda and Timestamps

  • Show Introduction [0:20]
  • Cindy Introduction [0:49]
  • When did Cindy get into Mobile SEO and why [0:55]
    • What peaked Cindy’s interest in Mobile in the beginning years [3:38]
  • What is MobileMoxie? [6:49]
  • Mobile First Index [8:24]
    • Discussion of Mobile First Indexing and Google [8:41]
    • Definition of Indexing [10:45]
    • Does there need to be an URL to be indexed? [12:11]
      • What does this apply to? What doesn’t have an URL that Google will assign an URL? [15:02]
    • The difference between Mobile Indexing and Mobile First Design [16:15]
      • Is a responsive website all set for the mobile first indexing? [17:39]
      • Link Graph changing and Mobile link profile as a core ranking factor [21:09]
    • UX and User Metrics [23:31]
      • Are the metrics used to rank UX for mobile and desktop different? Once it is Mobile First will Mobile UX and User Metrics be used for Desktop rankings? [23:34]
      • Should you primarily optimize content for the mobile user or the desktop user? [25:18]
        • If you focus on mobile over desktop or vice versa will google penalize the other? [27:40]
        • User and Context Centric, Google Fuchsia [28:45]
  • Sponsor Break BuzzSumo with Discount Code!! [31:09]
  • Danny Sullivan and Cindy Krum Twitter exchange [32:24]
  • Cindy’s Expanded view of Mobile-First and Cindy’s 4 part article series on the topic [38:26]
    • How is Cindy viewing Mobile-First and Entity-First indexing? [38:40]
    • Cross-device search results [43:23]
    • Structured Data [44:40]
    • Audio versions of Articles [46:16]
    • Voice Search and how does it fit into Mobile-First [48:28]
      • What are Chatbots and Google Assistant? [49:34]
        • How to leverage voice and chatbots? [51:11]
  • Twitter Questions [52:38]
    • Progressive Web Apps [52:58]
    • What are Cindy’s views on AMP [54:54]
    • How can websites measure how effectively they are optimizing for entity extraction?[58:03]
    • What do you if mobile/desktop intents don’t necessarily align for the same page [1:00:08]
    • Thoughts on email collection for mobile, practices and suggestions [1:01:16]
    • Google Post and Google My Business [1:03:17]
    • Cindy’s view on content like infographics within tabs [1:03:58]
    • Any further discussion appreciated on recent SMX(?) reveal re: use of shared chrome data by Google to measure user speed & any mobile implications [1:04:57]
    • Is there an ideal load time for mobile? [1:07:18]
  • Why is everyone so excited about the new heads of search at google? [1:11:18]
  • Where to find Cindy online and where will she be speaking [1:15:52]

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