I couldn’t fit every topic we talked about in the title – here are some highlights from this episode!

  • We debate the pros and cons of voice search data in Search Console
  • How brands and business can use Alexa Skills
  • Advanced strategies for duplicate content identification and resolution
  • The importance of web architecture and understanding information retrieval
  • Why AMP is a huge opportunity for serving developing countries
  • The importance of empathy and a great trick in Chrome to cultivate empathy for users with slow mobile connections
  • A structured data experiment with some surprising results

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NOTE: the voice search discussion kicks in at 38:48

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Show Agenda and Timestamps

  • Show Introduction [0:22]
  • Alexis’ Introduction [1:14]
    • Merkle employment backstory [1:29]
    • Alexis’ recommendations for landing a great position [2:49]
    • What is Merkle? [3:50]
    • What does Alexis’ day to day work look like [6:23]
  • Tools that Alexis recommends for Technical SEO [7:38]
    • Uptime Robot [7:55]
  • Tools for Page Speed [9:16]
    • PageSpeed Insights [9:20]
    • Webpagetest.org [10:40]
    • GTmetrix [11:23]
  • How did Alexis acquire her technical background [12:25]
  • Alexis’ OnCrawl article – Duplicate Content and Strategic Resolution [15:21]
    • How many pages on the web are duplicate content 16:08]
    • How does Google define duplicate content  [17:21]
    • SEO Tools that use duplicate titles in their reports [17:49]
    • Does duplicate content cause a penalty [20:15]
    • Problems duplicate content cause [21:20]
    • How does duplicate content impact crawling [22:03]
    • What are some ways to resolve duplicate content issues [24:12]
      • How does knowing the user’s journey help with duplicate content [25:18]
  • Sponsor Break with discount code [29:18]
  • Return to Duplicate Content and Strategic Resolution [31:28]
    • Tools to find duplicate content [31:28]
      • Oncrawl [31:40]
      • Google searches [31:54]
      • Keyword Density Tools [32:11]
        • SEO book Keyword Density Analyzer [32:18]
    • Cannibalizing content [32:56]
    • Content Matrix- Retail Matrix [35:51]
      • How to create a Retail Matrix [37:20]
  • Voice Search [38:48]
    • How is voice search data in search console valuable and John Mueller Voice Search Tweet  [39:02]
    • What are Alexa Skills and how can they be used for marketing and branding [45:32]
  • Structure Data- Structure Data/Social Experiment Tweet [50:30]
    • Take away from the experiment [55:30]
  • Tweet: Support Paid Search with Structured Data [57:06]
  • Using AMP in developing countries [58:09]
    • What are the opportunities for using AMP in developing countries [59:29]
    • Why do you need to use empathy when thinking of your customers user experience [1:02:40]
    • Chrome DevTools for checking speeds in different connections [1:05:30]
  • Alexis’ Content [1:06:55]
    • How does Alexis choose her images and fun angles for posts [1:07:21]
  • Alexis speaking and Toastmasters [1:10:15]
  • Merkle SEO tools- TechnicalSEO.com [1:14:22]
  • Where to find Alexis online and upcoming speaking engagements [1:16:45]

Tools Mentioned

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