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113: Advanced Analytics for SEO: Panel from TechSEO Boost 2019

This special episode was recorded live on stage at TechSEO Boost in Boston on December 5th 2019. I was honored to host a panel on Advanced Analytics for SEO with some really smart guests: Aja Frost – Hubspot Jim Gianoglio – Bounteous Colleen Harris – CDK Global Alexis Sanders – Merkle In this episode, you

112: Martin Splitt On Rendering, Crawl Budget, JS SEO, Treeshaking & More

In this episode: Does Google fetch all the scripts on a page? “Treeshaking” and how it can help your page’s performance Queuing time vs rendering time for Google When to use JS Frameworks or not Exactly how and when rendering counts against “crawl budget” Is “crawl budget” a problem and something that should be optimized

111: How To Tackle Advanced eCommerce and Technical SEO w/Luke Carthy

In this episode: How to handle out of stock products (we get quite detailed here) Crawl optimization How to optimize content on product pages How to optimize content on category pages Internal search page optimization Handling content delivered in JavaScript on product or category pages Common eCommerce SEO mistakes The future of eCommerce SEO How

110: A Candid Conversation w/Barry Schwartz on His Story, Productivity, Core Updates & More

Today’s episode I think is an important one for anyone who’s a part of, or interested in, the SEO industry. Whether you’re an actual practitioner, maybe newer to the space, or just following along and love SEO – you’ll probably get something out of this discussion. I wanted to talk with Barry and get more

The Private Voice Memo I Made After Dinner With Gary Illyes [2017]

On April 4th 2017, I had the opportunity to sit down at dinner with Gary Illyes and about seven other SEOs (including Paul Shapiro, who was the one who nicely invited me). We got to ask him questions and chat about SEO and Google. Immediately after leaving, I got out my phone and recorded about

109: How To Find, Get… and Keep Featured Snippets with Izzi Smith

Yes, we chatted a LOT about featured snippets – and get pretty detailed with the tactics. Izzi has a lot of experience optimizing for all kinds of snippets and SERP features in her work with Sixt. She even breaks down exactly how Sixt got two snippets for high volume and highly lucrative searches. BUT, we

108: How To Escape Content Mediocrity w/Henneke D

This show is PACKED with writing tips that will improve your SEO and marketing… including: What makes a great headline How to write a strong opening How to sell with copy Editing tools Attracting more customers to your blog And lots more! My guest Henneke has written for Copyblogger, Kissmetrics and the author of two

107: A Masterclass In Modern Day Link Building w/Garrett French

  I try not to be hyperbolic in titles – but when listening back to this episode, a “masterclass” is the description that keeps coming to mind. You can tell when I throw spontaneous and challenging questions out like “how important is link velocity?” and Garrett gives a thoughtful, experience-based, unique answer – without even

106: Tim Soulo On Ahrefs Growth, Their Search Engine & Being a DJ

On today’s episode! How Tim went from being a DJ, to CMO at Ahrefs The Story (and an update!) on The Ahrefs Search Engine How Tim earned 200+ backlinks on one piece of content on his personal blog How Ahrefs Estimates Traffic Numbers The SEO mistake they made when trying to rank for “what is

105: Proven Rules For Outreach & Link Building Success w/Gisele Navarro

Gisele is Operations Director at NeoMam (who has helped companies like HomeAdvisor, Angie’s List and Expedia with content and link campaigns). In this episode: How Gisele landed six features from just fifteen emails  Why link building is NOT just the same as “digital PR” Getting big-name sites to link to you (with a different approach