What does Google core updates have to do with the now old concept of the “Google Dance”? The Google Dance was an SEO nuisance from years ago, and the core updates are a more modern challenge. The connection lies in the fact that you can’t separate the past of SEO from where we are today. And you can’t fully do great SEO today without having some understanding of where things came from. In this episode, Will describes exactly what the connection between core updates and the Google Dance might be — and why an understanding of this evolution is important. We cover that, and many other traditional to modern ranking factors. In this episode:
  • Why Will started Distilled and got into SEO
  • Quality vs Sustainability in SEO
  • Distilled’s Relationship with Moz
  • April 2003 and “Index Everything”?!
  • Why Google needed to introduce the Panda and Penguin Penalties
  • Are we too focused on “ranking factors” in the SEO Industry?
  • Why does something like the ‘duplicate content penalty’ myth stick around for so long?
  • Will’s take on core updates
  • How does ‘nofollow’ being a hint impact SEO and rankings?
  • How to evaluate the value of links
  • SEO Community Interaction and Fragmentation
  • SEO events during COVID
  • SEO Split Testing – how it works and how it can help your SEO
Note: this episode was recorded in August 2020 Listen Now! Related Episodes You Might Like Information About United Search United Search is a brand new Speaker Accelerator program helping especially those from underrepresented groups – learn more about them in today’s episode. To apply to be a mentor, mentee or learn more in general go to: https://www.unitedsearch.org/mentors Show Agenda and Timestamps
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