JR Oakes is the Senior Director of Technical SEO Research at Locomotive Agency and he has written for Search Engine Land, Search Engine Watch, spoken at SEMpdx and TechSEO Boost and is the founder of iCodeSEO. He also is an organizer with the Beer & SEO and Raleigh SEO Meetups.

In this episode:

  • How to start learning how to do code-based SEO
  • How JR Analyzes large sets of keyword data from Search Console
  • How to use automation to improve SEO
  • How to use internal linking to boost traffic on keywords not quite ranking #1
  • What is CI/CD?
  • JR’s ranking factors
  • His take on EAT
  • SEO tactics that have a diminishing return
  • The tools JR believes are missing in the SEO industry 
  • JR’s Real Name

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