Tech SEO fans this episode is for you! If you are curious about what it’s like doing SEO for a site with 70M+ URLs indexed, how to handle challenging issues like migrating millions of URLs across 250,000+ distinct websites, and what it’s like doing SEO in-house for such a gigantic site you’ll definitely want to tune in and take notes.

My guest for this episode is Becky Westmoreland. Becky is currently SEO Director at Fandom where she has successfully led a project of migrating 250,000+ websites with millions of URLs, including many other interesting SEO initiatives. Becky was also formally SEO Manager at E! Online, as well as SEO Manager at

In this episode:

  • What do site migrations have to do with core updates?
  • How do you safely and smoothly migrate 70M+ URLs? The process, tools, and metrics used.
  • Signs that Googlebot may ignore your robots.txt file (feature or bug?)
  • How the tech SEO team collaborates with other teams
  • When and why core web vitals may actually be a big deal for rankings
  • A very interesting alternative method for blocking certain content from Google (totally whitehat and effective)
  • Subdomains vs subfolders – what’s Becky’s take on this debate?
  • And lots more!

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