Have you ever seen a content strategy fail to perform because things don’t get executed? It can be frustrating to have the best SEO plan, content plan or marketing plan – only to have it fall short because things just don’t get done.

In today’s episode, my guest Marijana Kostelac is going to teach us how to audit and improve upon your content creation process – whether you’re a solo content creator or working in a team. We also chat a little about how to earn conversions with your content, pop-ups and podcasting.


BuzzSumo – One of my favorite tools for coming up with content ideas, finding people who share content in an industry, and tons more (like alerts to keep an eye on your competitor’s links). Also, check out their new Question Analyzer Tool (formally Bloomberry – just launched within BuzzSumo!) Listen to the show for a special code to get 30% off BuzzSumo for 3 months.

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Show Agenda and Timestamps

  • Show Introduction [0:22]
  • Marijana’s Introduction [0:53]
    • Marijana’s background [1:28]
    • What is Marijana’s current job title [3:35]
    • How did Marijana’s sales and customer service background influence her writing style [4:44]
    • How did Marijana decide to transition from journalism to marketing and business writing [6:19]
  • Why is a content creation process important [9:43]
    • How to create content when the desire and inspiration is missing [14:31]
    • What are the must-have parts of the content creation process [16:06]
      • Four parts- Planning, Execution, Promotion, Analysis  [16:38]
    • Where does Marijana keep her process [25:32]
      • Tools Marijana uses to keep organized [26:09]
        • Asana [26:21]
        • Coschedule [27:38]
  • Sponsor Break- BuzzSumo with discount code [29:18]
  • How can business keep their content team on track and ensure they use the content processes [31:31]
  • What elements does Marijana recommend using in content to drive leads, subscribers, etc [34:32]
    • How does Marijana feel about Popups and exit intents [41:50]
  • Marijana’s podcast Content Love [44:44]
    • How does Marijana find guests [45:00]
    • What does Marijana consider when someone requests to be a guest [49:14]
    • Itunes Connect [53:37]
  • Where to find Marijana online and where is she speaking [55:52]

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