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  • What it’s like working with big clients like VW and Proctor and Gamble
  • Getting buy-in from all the departments on SEO
  • Leveraging automation and tools to collect and process data
  • Link building at scale
  • The impact of machine learning on rankings
  • The most important types of backlinks to focus on
  • The problems with ranking factor studies
  • How to stand out in the world of SEO
  • And… Paul answers YOUR question from Twitter

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Show Agenda and Timestamps

  • Paul’s Introduction [1:36]
    • Paul’s role at Catalyst and what Catalyst does [1:49]
    • Brief list of things Paul is currently involved in [3:25]
    • What does Paul’s average day look like [4:29]
    • How does Paul sell SEO to his clients and earn their trust [6:39]
    • How do you ensure organic search is integrated into each relevant part of the business [8:19]
    • What does being a technical marketer mean to Paul [10:13]
  • What is KNIME and its applications [11:11]
    • Example of what can be accomplished with KNIME [14:38]
    • How did Paul come across KNIME [16:29]
  • Paul’s method for downloading search console data [17:26]
    • What do you then do with the data? [20:07]
  • Calculating Keyword Growth Using Google Trends, Python and the Slope Formula post [23:19]
    • What is a Slope Formula? [24:56]
  • Other automation ideas [26:05]
  • Link Building  and Paul’s Post “Wake a Sleeping Giant for Content Marketing SEO: Your Employees’’ [29:37]
    • Tangible ways companies’ teams can acquire links [31:49]
    • Building partnerships to address broken links [33:08]
    • Motivate with Incentives [34:43]
  • How do you show up as a small company lacking the financial resources large companies have? [35:15]
    • How do you find the holes in your competitors SEO? [37:45]
  • Is Direct Traffic a ranking factor? [39:21]
  • Has Paul seen a shift towards inbound links being less important as a ranking factor versus content quality, engagement and on page optimization? [41:37]
  • What types of links is Paul seeing being important and contributing towards rankings [43:51]
  • Ranking Factor Studies [47:45]
  • What ranking factors does Paul think we should be thinking about heading into 2018 [48:53]
  • What Rank Tracking Tools does Paul use for large clients [52:09]
  • How important is it to be a content creator yourself as an SEO? [53:07]
  • Why does Paul share all of his content for free? [54:29]
  • Reddit SEO community and how do you moderate? [56:19]
  • Online Genuses [58:44]
  • Where to go to learn programming and what should we learn [59:54]
  • How to find a technical SEO mentor [1:03:37]
  • What does Paul do to keep improving his SEO skills and grow knowledge [1:05:40]
  • Where can you find Paul online and conferences [1:07:24]

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