The title may seem a little hyperbolic. But I can assure having just listened back to this interview, it’s not. My guest Phil Singleton, who co-authored SEO for Growth with John Jantsch (Duct Tape Marketing) – has been helping clients get the maximum value from content in a smart efficient way for over a decade.

Given the right strategy, you can turn what might just be ‘blogging’ into a complete content marketing machine for your business. Phil is going to tell us how.

We also discussed why Podcasting is such a powerful channel – and how you can use it whether a host OR a guest.

I also wanted to find out – how the heck did he get John Jantsch to co-author a book with him?

Let’s find out…


BuzzSumo – One of my favorite tools for coming up with content ideas, finding people who share content in an industry, and tons more (like alerts to keep an eye on your competitor’s links). Also, check out their new Question Analyzer Tool (formally Bloomberry – just launched within BuzzSumo!) Listen to the show for a special code to get 30% off BuzzSumo for 3 months.

SEO For Growth Book

I should say – this book is great for those at the beginning stages of SEO – OR if you are an SEO yourself and want to give someone a tool by which to learn SEO.

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Show Agenda & Timestamps

  • Phil’s Web Design and Development Background [1:20]
  • How does Phil market SEO services to their Web Design clients [7:54]
  • Phil’s Linkin URL [12:04]
  • Phil’s Wikipedia Page [14:01]
  • Does Content Marketing replace Link Building [16:10]
  • Should all businesses be Blogging? [19:32]
  • Quality Raters Guidelines [25:15]
    • Examples that prove to someone you are legit and real [27:57]
    • About Us Page Tip [31:24]
  • Reputation Management [35:50]
    • Turning a bad review experience into a good one [36:00]
    • Building review sites [37:27]
  • Podcasting and SEO [40:09]
    • Benefit of Podcasting for the guest [40:30]
    • Recommendation for how to become a guest on a show [41:32]
    • What makes Phil excited about SEO and Podcasting [44:22]
  • How did Phil connect with John Jantsch of Duck Tape Marketing and write a book with him SEO for Growth  [50:14]
    • Is having a book a hack to link building? [54:00]
    • Channels that were success for promoting the book [58:03]
  • Where you can find Phill online and where to purchase SEO for Growth [1:01:28]
  • Phil’s questions about Podcasting- what Dan does and doesn’t like when someone pitches him to be on the show [1:03:07]
    • What does Dan look for in a guest? [1:05:08]
    • Does Dan try to actively get booked on Podcasts? [1:09:17]

Tools Mentioned

  • SEMrush <– 15-day free trial link

Articles & Online Resources

Find Phil Online

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