There’s massive opportunity in YouTube. But maybe like me, you struggle to understand how to rank videos, how to market them, or how to monetize and drive business value from your YouTube presence.

Whether you’re trying to understand YouTube for yourself or your clients, you’ll walk away from this show with a way better understanding of how YouTube works in 2017.

My guest, Roberto Blake, is a YouTube strategy and idea machine (you’ll hear what I mean). If you don’t walk away from this episode without at least one killer idea for using YouTube better – I’ll give you your money back.

OK, this show is free, so I’ll have no money to give back. I’ll high five you next time I see you in person.

Alright, let’s pass the mic over to the self proclaimed “old man YouTube” – Roberto Blake.


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Growth on YouTube

  • “I call myself ‘Old Man YouTube'”
  • Subscriber count, view count, etc. (Is it important?)
  • “I studied YouTube.”


  • “I roughly publish a video every day.”
  • “I’m doing my content cold (no script).”
  • “I spend a maximum of 20 minutes editing anything…”
  • “I film and edit in bulk.”

Sources of Income

  • “Screw AdSense.”
  • “You can sell yourself as a video editor.”
  • “When you get bigger sell training and consulting.”
  • “If you can’t make products then you can go to affiliate marketing.”

YouTube SEO

  • User behavior
  • Channel description
  • Discoverability strategy
  • “Think of thumbnails like billboards.”
  • “I look at channel watch time as a whole.”
  • “YouTube is using the first 24 hours…”

Soundcloud & Google Acquisition?

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  • March 4, 2017 Reply

    Brian Dean

    Dan, this was an amazing episode (one of the best yet!). Roberto brought the goods with tons of actionable nuggets and advice from “in-the-trenches” of building a succesful YouTube channel.

    • March 4, 2017 Reply

      Dan Shure

      Thanks Brian! Thought you might like this one 🙂

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