Feel like your content is not earning the attention, traffic and links it may deserve? Sometimes it just needs a few tweaks in the right direction. It’s probably 80% there, but that last 20% will take it from ‘blah’ to ‘best in class’.

My guest – Craig Ballantyne talks about how he has used content to earn hundreds of high quality links, converts visitors into customers and drives tons of organic traffic. He gives actionable tips from his 20+ years of experience that you can apply to your content marketing.

Since Craig is a leader in productivity, we also talk a bit about¬†beating procrastination and time management tricks. No – this podcast is not morphing into a ‘business / life hacks’ show – but Craig has such knowledge to share in this realm – I had to ask him, and also time this with the New Year for you – as you’re making your New Years resolutions.

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Craig’s Background

  • Men’s Health
  • “Reply to them as soon as you can.”
  • “I was sending out 60 emails at a time via Hotmail.”
  • Customer Avatar mentality

Ideas for Content

  • “I never have a shortage of content.”
  • “…reminds us of what really matters in life.”
  • “I’ve always been of fan of delivering free content.”

Content Process

  • “Start off with a story…”
  • Wrap it all up with a ‘bow’ at the end
  • “It’s not a listicle…”

Marketing/Health Connection

  • Why wake at 4 am?
  • “There’s fewer distractions earlier.”
  • “It’s about what you do with your waking hours.”

Beating Procrastination

  • Deadline
  • Parkinson’s Law
  • “Do the hardest thing first.”
  • “Break the loop.”
  • How Do I Identify What Matters?
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