This episode covers a LOT. But despite the wide variety of topics – I realized – everything points back to branding and simple, straightforward strategies you can implement right away, that will make a difference in your company’s brand, or your personal brand.

Specifically, you will learn:

  • How to get your CEO to invest in personal branding.
  • An uncommon (but highly effective) way to build links within your company.
  • Straightforward but crazily effective SEO strategies for American Addiction Centers.
  • How to track “dark social” traffic.
  • How to get featured on SlideShare (which gives you tons of exposure).
  • A pretty clever way to use a platform like Vine, even if they are not your target demographic (this was so smart!)

Cynthia’s main gig is Director of Brand Development for American Addiction Centers, and before that she was Director of Marketing for RankLab.

Cynthia is a writer for sites like Fox News, Forbes, TIME Magazine, Search Engine Journal, Social Media Examiner. She has spoken at Pubcon, Social Summit, SMX.

And Cynthia was just named one of the top 50 marketers to follow on SnapChat by Mashable – right up there with GaryVee.


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How Am I Going to Rank for My Own Name?

Piggybacking on Larger Sites

Cynthia’s Background

  •  Making the Internal Marketing Switch
  • “I like to prioritize with lists.”

Personal Branding

  • Why is Personal Branding So Important?
  • “At times, you need to transition and grow.”
  • Is it worth it to nudge a shy, introverted CEO?
  • “Once you get followers, you’ll want to engage (tweet, etc) no matter what.”

Build a Website First

  • Work On Social After Establishing a Website
  • “If you don’t tell people who you are they’ll make a judgement for themselves.”

Is This a Hard Company to Promote?

  • How Do you Do Social Media for Rehabilitation?
  • “Our business model is to get people in treatment.”
  • “Storytelling of the people has been most beneficial.”
  • “[Great content is] useful, easy to navigate, and unbiased.”

Social and Mobile

  • Dark Social
  • Building Apps vs Utilizing Other Channels
  • Instagram
  • Link Slideshare Account to LinkedIn
  • “Trust your content.”


  • “Use it differently.”
  • “Use it as a communication tool.”
  • “Put your phone on airplane mode …”

“My mission is to be helpful, inspire others, and challenge the status quo.”

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