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I feel like today’s show is going to give the listeners of ‘Experts’ a special edge over everyone else on LinkedIn. That’s because my guest today, Viveka von Rosen focuses 100% of her time and energy only on LinkedIn. She even ranks #1 in Google for “LinkedIn Expert” (try it!).

Today, Viveka will teach us¬†why it’s important to be on LinkedIn (and how a poor profile can actually¬†harm you or your business). She gives a full, spontaneous critique of my profile (with actionable takeaways for everyone). And I have not edited it yet so you can see exactly what she is critiquing (but check soon! I will get to updating it!)

She teaches us some secrets to getting the very coveted testimonials – and tons more!

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Viveka’s background

Why is LinkedIn Important?

Free vs Premium Account

Setting up Profile

  • Personalize the URL
  • Have a good picture (that resembles you)
  • Add a background image
  • Put your business phone number above the fold
  • Put your email address above the fold
  • Add a landing page, unique URL, website, etc
  • Add media links (videos, powerpoint presos, podcasts, slideshare preso)


  • “Know your audience.”
  • Use Advanced Search option
  • Find trends via people who view your profile

“You’re never going to conduct a business deal (just) on LinkedIn.”

Light Touches

LinkedIn Endorsements

  • “It’s always better when someone says you’re awesome rather than you saying so.”
  • Try to get (at least) two endorsements per skill
  • Ask for a recommendation (give the person talking points)
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