How would YOU go about asking someone like Gary Vaynerchuck to be on your Podcast?

Well I’m going to answer that question today. That’s right, I kicked everyone out of my studio, signed out of Skype and recorded a solo episode. I was actually nervous, but once I got started it went pretty nicely I thought. Completely unscripted in fact (having two parents from New York gave me that “talkative” gene I think).


Listeners have been loving the interviews (and I owe that 100% to the amazing guests). So we’ll return to more interviews soon!

But for this week, I took 30 minutes to answer some questions about Yoast, Social Media SEO, GaryVee, Free Work …. and … I received a surprise message from someone “SEO Famous”.


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  • Question 1  – What’s better? The paid version of All In One SEO, or the free Yoast SEO Plugin?
  • Question 2 – What Are SEO Best Practices For Social Platforms?
    • YouTube SEO
    • Twitter Search
    • Instagram Hashtag Search
  • Question 3 – What will your “hook” be to get Gary Vaynerchuck on the show?
  • Question 4 – Is it OK to work for free when you’re just getting started in SEO?
  • Question 5 – When will Glen (Viperchill) be on the show?

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  • February 27, 2017 Reply


    Really like the format, I wouldn’t hurt to do a Q.A from time to time.

    Got my first SEO client a few months ago by giving him a hourly rate he couldn’t refused. That case study is everything, if you ever worry about undercutting someone, visit 🙂

    Thanks for the show.

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