John Doherty’s experience spans across everything from working in house managing SEO at Distilled NYC, to working within the Zillow group doing SEO for HotPads and now as a founder – of Credo – a marketplace for marketing companies. Because of this he has a wealth of knowledge to share.

We get into a TON in this interview including – advice for newbie SEOs, how he builds his email lists, how to find a mentor, mistakes bad SEO agencies make – and how he attracts and sends 50+ leads to 35 marketing agencies per month.


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John’s background

  • “My first full-time SEO job was building links.”
  • “It’s been beneficial to me as a marketer to see all the sides (in-house, agency, consultant, etc).”
  • “People should try to experience both sides (agency and in-house SEO).”


  • “It’s a place where businesses looking to grow can find the right marketing agency/consultant.”
  • “About 35 agencies and consultants are on the platform right now.”
  • “Most months 40-50 leads are coming through.”
  • Onboarding process

Marketing Credo/Attracting Leads

  • “Internal referrals have really built the platform (agencies currently on the platform).”
  • “I have a few different email lists.”
  • “I really saw the value of email lists while working at Hotpads/Trulia.”
  • Building email lists
  • “I try to be smart about how I use popups.”
  • Giveaways

Mistakes that (Bad) Agencies Make

  • Quality of work
  • No References
  • Suspicious links in profile

Client Profile

  • “The minimum is $1000/month project.”

Newbies Getting Into SEO

  • Importance of mentors and more experienced peers

Finding a Mentor

  • Find a personality fit
  • Should be mutually beneficial


Entrepreneurs Admired

Good Books

“If you want to win be one of the people who try.”

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