Today’s episode features a reverse interview – with me! I sat down with Tom Critchlow at the Marriot in Times Square, while I was there for Affiliate Summit as a speaker.

I reveal a LOT to Tom in the interview – including where “Evolving SEO” got it’s name, challenges we face now, how I approach speaking, the growth of this podcast, what it’s like working with my wife Sarah, unexpected outcomes of podcasting  – and a better term I’ve been using secretively (in my head) to describe “S.E.O”.


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  • “My mother realized I love music when I was three-years old.”
  • “I had a Bucket Band group with friends from high school.  It was like a little business.”
  • “I would drive 2 hrs. oneway to play an $80 gig.”
  • “I started with me literally having no money.”
  • “I learned to build a website from scratch.”
  • “We can still talk about the industry being … ‘free jazz'”
  • “The term ‘SEO’ is terrible.”
  • “… We have the real world, the digital world, and a search engine …”
  • Search Ecosystem Optimization?
  • “SEO is a tool.”
  • “What am I about?  Therefore, what’s my business about?”
  • “I bought the Evolving domain in December of 2010 and that was the same time I started the LLC.”
  • Working with a spouse
  • “The podcast has done things I didn’t expect.”
  • “90% for me is vitamin D.”
  • “I’ve gone through a whole detox program.”
  • “A lot of things tie back to your physical health.”
  • “It’s a ludicrous idea to separate business from your personal life.”
  • “There’s a direct relationship between how you feel about yourself and the work that you do.”
  • The Ideal Client
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  • August 3, 2016 Reply

    Ammon Johns

    Love the relaxed, conversational tone of this one. If you enjoyed having a casual chat over a formal ‘interview’ as much as I enjoyed listening, you should definitely come chat with Bill Slawski and I on a ‘Bogus Hangout’ some week soon, Dan.

    • August 3, 2016 Reply

      Dan Shure

      Hey Ammon – Thanks man! Would love to join anytime in September or beyond!

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