For those of you that do not know my guest today, Tom Critchlow has a diverse background of experiences. He was Head of Search Marketing and then VP of Operations at Distilled for 4 years, worked in Google’s Creative Lab for 2 years, and has since founded Fiercely Curious – an online gallery of art from Brooklyn artists. He also is a freelance strategy consultant – all in an English accent 🙂

I’ll start this episode with the quick story of how I met Tom. Then we chat for an hour about Google, SEO, Startups, and a TON more.

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What Tom Has Been Doing

  • Stepping Away from Social
  • What Does Social Do for You?

Escaping the SEO Vacuum

  • “No one got into SEO for SEO’s sake.”
  • “SEO is a slightly more boring industry.”

Where Does Search Fit In

Pros/Cons of Agency, In-House, and Entrepreneur/Freelance Work

Did You Meet Larry Page?

Is There Anything You Worked On (at Google) You Can Talk About?

Providing Insight for Free (“Giving It Away”)

Marketing Mistakes Startups Make

What is Fiercely Curious?

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