I honestly have no better way to set up this conversation with Wil than to tease you with some quotes:

  • “Clients will judge you on what you do the weakest not the strongest.”
  • “Great SEO is caring about people over penguin and audiences over algorithms.”
  • “The SEO industry has set up clients to ask for the wrong thing. Rankings are a leading indicator, but I’m here to drive revenue.”
  • “SEO’s should sit with PPC people. There were 13 dollars signs in the PPC report, compared to 2 dollar signs in the SEO report. This is why SEO’s don’t get any money.”
  • “When’s the last time you did something new for the first time?”

This will certainly be a discussion I go back and listen to over and over again.


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Update on Seer Interactive

  • Kinds of clients
  • “I want to help people find stuff that are using the Internet to find it.”
  • “Clients are going to judge you on the things you do the weakest.”

SEO Agencies in 2016

  • What are agencies offering in 2016?
  • “A good consultant knows what they don’t know.”
  • “You gotta find a way to stand out.”

What’s Correct SEO?

  • “Talks more about people than positions.”
  • “Great SEO is multidisciplinary.”
  • “When I give a PPC team $5, they’re coming back with $10.”
  • Path of less resistance

Repeatable vs New Tactics

  • “It’s not exciting for a company to do the same thing it did last year.”
  • Diminishing returns
  • Is strategy teachable?
  • “If you stay focused on revenue, that focus will tell you where to go.”

Time Management

  • “I’m learning to say ‘yes,’ but not now.”
  • What’s the one thing I want to get done today to feel successful?


  • Speak to kids
  • Don’t read from your slides
  • Watch your videos to critique yourself


  • “Sometimes you have to intentionally be diverse.”
  • “I’m constantly walking in other peoples’ shoes.”
  • “Diversity invites ways to tackle problems.”


  • “I built my company because I wasn’t able to volunteer when I wanted.”
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