When I read Sam’s post “The Hard Choices Behind How Inbound.org Grew 5x” (they now have over 160,000 members) I knew I needed to get Sam on Experts On The Wire.

We dissect many of the elements of their growth, including – why you need to ignore your earliest adopters, keeping a team focused onĀ one thing (only the things you can grow with statistical significance!), how they leveraged SEO, their homepage algorithm – and the secrets behind the “persona” and micro-copy on Inbound (hint: it’s modeled after a real person!)


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What is HubSpot Labs?


  • “It started as Dharmesh and Rand’s side project but got too big.”
  • How Inbound grew (a lot)
  • “We tried to create the Avengers team of the marketing world.”

Growth Tactics

  • “Your early adopters will rarely form the core of your future growth.”
  • “Velocity indicates value.”
  • Featured content
  • “Should we allow people to sign-up without Twitter?”


  • The why is more important than the who
  • Implicit and explicit data


  • Statistical significance
  • “Let’s get to X number of subscribers before we start doing advanced lead attribution.”
  • Build a reliable bank of data

SEO and Inbound.org

  • “We’re going to stop building new features and focus on SEO.”
  • The Smartest Inbound Marketing Community Online
  • Using microcopy
  • “Tone/personality of site is modeled after……”
  • “Puts happy juice in your brain.”

Depth and Width

  • Width of opportunity is a more valuable business practice
  • Many ecommerce sites lack the confidence that customers will buy again

Publishing on Outside Sites (LinkedIn Pulse/Medium)

  • Focus on building your own sustainable blog/brand


  • Don’t ask, “Does humor work?” but “Does it work with the persona I’m going after?”

Dharmesh Wisdom

  • “Focus, focus, focus.”
  • “Always solve for the customer.”
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    Great podcast, I love SAM, he always has gems!

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