I stumbled across Alaura’s article on CopyHackers – StoryHacking: Cracking The Code Behind the Irresistible Selling Power of Stories – and within 5 minutes knew I wanted her to join us to teach you all about the power of StoryHacking.

This isn’t just the same old advise you hear from marketers “tell a story” – she goes into great depth and detail into the various aspects of how to actually do this and do it effectively. It’s especially great for someone like me who is NOT a natural storyteller. It’s explained in a way that even I can get it, and start to work into my marketing.

For instance, Alaura teaches us that your content needs a Hero (which might not be who you think it would be!) and a protagonist (also not who you might think) and tangible ways to incorporate these into your brand’s content.

Alaura even gives me some suggestions for how to market and position this podcast 🙂

Whether you’re working on blog posts, product pages, email newsletters, social media – I think you will really enjoy this conversation and hear a lot of inspirational and actionable tips!

Sit back, relax and listen now!

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Alaura’s Background

  • 10 years of sales experience
  • “Remember the phonebook?”

Speaking Human

  • Creating tribes

Story Hacking

  • “The word, ‘hacking’ is a buzzword…but it’s become part of the vernacular.”
  • Who is story hacking for?
  • Stories within stories

Elements of Story Hacking

  • Identifying the hero (your target customer)
  • Identifying the world of the protagonist (emotional spectrum)
  • Call to adventure (the goal of the protagonist)
  • The stakes/refusal of the call
  • A helper (the brand’s solutions)
  • A magical item (the offer)
  • Crossing the (first) threshold (the call to action)

The Mindset of Telling a Great Story

  • Building trust

Dan Gets Meta

  • Uses story hacking elements to deconstruct the podcast
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